About: Boredom 05-07


Reo 01 ~Boredom~ ch 05

Reo 01 ~Boredom~ ch 06

Reo 01 ~Boredom~ ch 07




With this the Boredom story is over!
Thought this is just a shallow overview, you dont get to really know him, the good stuff comes later, starting with the next story, Satellite of Love.
I would have probably finished sooner but Ive been very drowsy lately, by the way, the new stories are still in the works but Im gonna wait until the older are done, the main part is about the two cores, and the past core “Original Little Wolf” finally starts talking, not much but some, cause she fell under the spell of the storyteller. And theres other stories too, like the new Alice one and more.






More Smash taunts…


Oh, what could possibly be there?



New Mii! this time is turn of Jeff, in his already retired from work outfit, cause he is retired, right? unless his other offspring are retarded and cannot keep up with the job, not that Aurora was going to be of any use…



Really?? kinda shocking.




Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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