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Reo ~Intro~

Reo 01 ~Boredom~ ch 01


Looking good there.
This is the first version of the drawing for the notes blogs, and what is doing there in the story? it really screams AuAu being a priority personality when you get a bunch of stories from her first, instead of what really happened, which comes later.
That “first memory” by the trees has the “last dialog” between Original Little Wolf and Original Reo, as AuAu tells it later.
“…cause cheap nuns in charge of entertainment”, luckily you cant even have that now, supposedly, cause of breeding mosquitos and a few funny named viruses, also, I havent seen full metallic games anymore, now theyre made of plastic, who wants tetanus anyway.
“…he did as they told him, but he couldnt even speak with the girl, they didnt told him to speak with the girl.” hahahaha.
“basketballian robotic repetitive ways…” yeah, but the hopes had no nets, cause cheap ass school, so you just hope it did went through, and then as a reward you have to chase the ball that didnt stop, good enough to quit right there. And so, boredom, the poison that makes everything lose sense and meaning, just like this little social commentary, theyre making money by not spending in school equipment, they dont care about you or your little stupid experience, so first thing you do, you complain, which leads nowhere as youre a grain of sand, among others who are as well, and so you stay there, lolyouresofunny,keepbitching haha! everything becomes stale and rots, right there in the depts of your mind, the most simple things can be very dangerous, you know what Im talking about.





Miis keep getting dressed, this time who else but him:



Artist? really? weird, most likely his adaptation skills..

He wears a cap but its not shown here.


Drawing Making

When you’re growing up in a smalltown…

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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