About: Nuthouse Happy Days 04-06


Aurora 06 ~Nuthouse Happy Days~ ch 04

Aurora 06 ~Nuthouse Happy Days~ ch 05

Aurora 06 ~Nuthouse Happy Days~ ch 06


Theyre obviously playing to be them, but their dialogs are actually different, AuAu did a good Original Reo, but Dark Cloud Aurora made a different Original Little Wolf, for a reason… yaaa, its that a smile on her face?

Theres only one realistic dialog of them so far, recreated by AuAu, but it comes much later int he story.


And with this, AuAu Storytelling Easy Place 01 is done!


well, theres still the music and some here and there more to be done, but its practically done, I guess.
Kind of difficult to die and later in the future tell the story, so…


(In the last post its the first part of this explanation)
About Nuthouse Happy Days:
With the development of her brain injuries from the Hikari accident, she couldnt keep her lifestyle anymore, she tried and tried, but always ended up knocked out.
So what she did? tragic ending, right?
well, it did happen, the girl wont wake up so she changed her mental configuration to work only with the still fully functional parts of her brain, and the rest became dormant, along with her. Then, who else but the boy to take over, this is basically a second part of the personality arrangements that were mentioned on the last post.
And sooo, one day you had a comatose girl, the other you had a fully waked normal boy, kind of freaky, isnt it? sure it was, oh but they were happy, the boy wasnt fighting nor screaming insults to the other mates, he wasnt complaining about the food nor being difficult about directions, neither all those lovely abrupts of personality from the girl; on the contrary, he had no deep emotions, he quickly assimilated into an environment and manipulated to his favor, not that much cause as I just said, he had no deep emotions, he cannot fight anymore and this is the defense instead. In other words, he has no baggage, looks cute, smart, not selfish (how?), accepts you and what you do, does not put you to a change (that you are aware of); and you know how much adult women like that… they become his main, em, target demographic, or better say, the people who he gets along the best, and the better results produced.
Im sure youve heard about stories of conartist and such, this can be kind of like that, when things go to the bottom, they have to deal with their ugly true personality, here that will eventually happen, on the long run, but instead they have to deal with whatever Little Wolf can make up from a situation in her dormant state, oh, and she is sooo pretty.
That explains a lot about what comes next, the Reo story.


Pretty girls, and some dude:



my favorite song so far, I wish the audio quality was better, but comes from a 3ds and its cheep obsolete components sold at overprice.


and making of drawing:


meeeh, been so busy lately, but I have to learn to keep working anyway it goes.

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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