About: Nuthouse Happy Days 01-03


Aurora 06 ~Nuthouse Happy Days~ ch 01

Aurora 06 ~Nuthouse Happy Days~ ch 02

Aurora 06 ~Nuthouse Happy Days~ ch 03


As we reach the end of the Aurora story, the first chapter of the last part is she blaming herself, I was thinking of changing it to something like the Aurorish stories, cause Im not really into how its told, but it actually makes sense to be there, so I kept it, just hope it wasnt that bad, anyway, you get to see the two cores.


and the new reality.


Chapter two and three continue the story, when she couldnt keep the street lifestyle anymore cause of her injuries, but some things never change.


A little spoiler of what happens at the end, cause its going to take a while for that to come, and why not now, divided in two parts:

About A Little Wolf Inside a Girl:
After the Hikari Accident, Little Aurora developed two personalities, still one core.
What you see as the lost girl and lost boy, later called by AuAu as Original Little Wolf and Original Reo; the Teacher personality is also there, but passively, it started as a better version of her father, one that could actually deal with her mothers, em, high emotions, though nothing sexually, one wonders why, hehe…
Because of the brain injuries, she couldnt be herself as a whole all the time, and Little Aurora is a freak who has both gonads (not as fancy as all those trans out there want you to believe), so she divided in two personalities based on the hormonal push.
The external part, the one dealing with the new reality in a material way, was the lost boy, who you see as a thief, taking stuff and sneaking into places.
The internal part, the girl who obviously is like her mother, is the commander, emotional, intellectual part.
Funny thing, if you look at the drawings, the boy couldnt deal with the blonde womans father and lost that fight, so the girl took over and did, and the results you already know, mwahaha.


In the next About, the rest of the explanation.


Making the drawings videos:


Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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