About: A Little Wolf Inside a Girl 05-06


Aurora 05 ~A Little Wolf Inside a Girl~ 05

Aurora 05 ~A Little Wolf Inside a Girl~ 06


Later in the story, it turns from narrative to dialogs, so you get to know the characters in a different way, and theres the chance to figure out what is what, and what happened.

Homeless days? Aurora still lives like that in the future, the only difference is that she found a cave to put her stuff and herself in.

Nuns? the whole thing about the Catholic Curses Center says too much, and for someone who doesnt believe at all, shes too attach. Theres also Reo fighting corrupt charities and the Nun Aurora story, also the focus on corruption and not violence, sooo, this kid could really defend herself, right?

Then comes Little Wolf, or what later comes to know as Original Little Wolf, and the personality structures that remain into the future, with the second version of them and also the link know as the Aurora Image, when Little Wolf becomes dormant.

Sounds simple here, but in the stories not so much, or maybe it does, I dont really know.



This story does its best not the mention the personalities, cause Dark Cloud Aurora is a closed book AuAu is reading, and that says a lot too.




New Mii, from the last story, Blonde Woman, and some irony with the description.


20160728065733 Screenshot_2016-07-28-06-55-49

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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