About: A Little Wolf Inside a Girl 01-02


Aurora 05 ~A Little Wolf Inside a Girl~ 01

Aurora 05 ~A Little Wolf Inside a Girl~ 02


Hey, who is that pretty looking girl…


And so, Auroras adventures in another dimension begin, and what is she going to do? the same as before, what else?



This one is from Diablo 2, between that and smash, I have played waaaaay too much to even count, still worth it. Its very fun to make all kind of builds, Im kinda tempted to do a poison amazon now, and maybe a bow strife one too. Anyway here Little Reo is on an epic battle against the Cow King, a Hell Bovine from another dimension, with a small help from Original Little Wolf casting decrepify on it, die! die! die! splash, splash, splash.




And the making video:



“A Little Wolf Inside a Girl” well, it does makes a lot of sense… it comes from here:



That story has such a great setting, sadly they went too light for my taste, meh, what can you do, some things just need to sell… but later you spend the money, and then what? “They take your pants, your money, your name, but the songs still remain”.

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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