About: Forced Relation 06-07


Aurora 04 ~Forced Relation~ ch 06

Aurora 04 ~Forced Relation~ ch 07


And with these, the Forced Relation story comes to an end and its done





Though things were easy cause most of the drawings were done already.

Aaand, we say goodbye to certain someone


if you miss her already, for whatever reason, she comes back later in a short whatif story.

but why did they separate exactly?

it is implied, but she didnt react to well when




It was just a drunk drugged dream of her and her friends, to take the business money and run away for a better place, which was impossible because her father was the keeper and theyre really a bunch of cowards, you saw them bully weak people around but thats it, but then comes the external factor who is Aurora, named “freak” by the Reptile Queen for the reason that she breaks the normality of the settings, and, well, she just had an emotional debt to the blonde woman, they had not much in common and they lived their own way by their own principles, and when she failed to react properly that one last time, Aurora ran away from her, while she probably just hoped to find her around during that fast time when she contacted her friends and carried the plan as things happened anyway. Good for them that it was in the morning when they were not drunk…

react properly? hehehe.

“or so she thought” means someone else was there.

And what comes next, ~A Little Wolf Inside a Girl~


She doesnt really look like that, does she?

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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