About: Forced Relation 04-05

Original Little Wolf

Aurora 04~Forced Relation~ ch 04

Aurora 04~Forced Relation~ ch 05



If you stretch it a little, this can be an interesting Zelda game (the ones with a good story, you know which ones…), with Original Little Wolf taking that role, Link can be Original Reo, doing all kind of “quests”; theres dungeons like the general store, the storehouses and with the twist point, also the main house; and as I just said it, the turning point of the story that changes the land; even a master sword in a lost forsaken “forest”; villages like the park where the kids play, the places where the idiots park their trucks to hang around, the house (before the…) and the dead tree area (there can be ghosts for the playable character to talk to); and of course the evil strong smart villain like ganondorf, who normally wins…



And of course deep psychological stuff.

Aubw02 color

with a touch of sex and madness cause Im not a greedy ass consumer oriented company -__-

Aubw pencil

Theres never going to be another ocarina or majoras, so what happens is that you have to “make” your own :{

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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