About: Forced Relation 02-03


Aurora 04 ~Forced Relation~ ch 02

Aurora 04 ~Forced Relation~ ch 03



Yeah, no internet nor computers, then you have aaaaall day to appreciate the place and its people :”

Oh, but those were different times.



“Just buy the milk! is not like you have anything else to do but get drunk!”

Sounds nice but then Aurora would have looked like her father.

After what happened about her husband, having to go back to the same old crap she ran away from, and the support comes along a heavy circle of vices, of what she and her friends do to go on, weeeell, is not that difficult to realize where this is going.

And on the other hand…


Just like that, there goes Original Reo.
Who, why, what? it doesnt get much explained here, but if he is, then someone else is there too… kind of explains the store story and such, hehe.

The thing is, she is now moving on her own, and both, with the blonde woman, will combine into a result.

From ch 02, is the only song made so far, Travel:




Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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