About: New Sister 07


Aurora 03 ~New Sister~ ch 03


And with this, the New Sister story comes to end, an obvious one, she is not there anymore.

Im kind of glad, 3 done, like 20 to go, and the Reo stories are like 30 chapters, so I shouldnt be too glad.

And about this 7th chapter, all debts paid, see you around Blonde Woman!
…hehehe, not quite. Now we get to go to the bottom of her, I mean, Aurora is out of service, what else?

“… but mwommy knew better and decided to sit in the opposite place, and there was nothing they could say that would move her.” with this you could see the line of what was going on, normally they dont ask you.

I was thinking of the style I use for the drawings of these stories, cause, its a high contrast, is easy to get along the storytelling and dont mind much, but these are pretty messed up things in the eyes of normality, and, I dont think I could find motivation drawing this in another style, realism would be so boring, something serious becomes too dramatic, I think I would say I wouldnt care for this without its proper visualization, that means, what Aurora sees.

More Tiny Au:

If you happen to play Miitomo, or want miis, and for whatever strange reason you want to have them, here are the scan codes of the ones with full clothes from the last post:


Main Mii character, I even made the Tiny AuAu Storytelling Easy Place site, but right now is just good intentions.



Teacher and Ceran, also from he past post, aaaaaaaand, new one! who else but:


yaaaaa, she is so cute, dont you think?


Well, someone does…




She has a strong personality, I dont think she would run… at first :3

hehe, back to serious, for the Tiny site I have the purpose to do the stories with the Mii voices you have on Miitomo, though right now seems complicated.

Oh, I almost forgot, videos from the drawing making, and the only song of this chapter, though needs a little work, eventually I will get there, one of these days…



Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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