About: New Sister 05-06


Aurora 03 ~New Sister~ ch 05

Aurora 03 ~New Sister~ ch 06


Yaaa, the travel to another dimension starts.

“One time bathing, Auroras mwommy told her…” So progressive out of you Au, to be supportive of— thats because your Auish levels are very low, that part is about how their relationship was, Aurora was on her good side, but the Blonde Woman didnt trust her enough to tell her what was really going on, so she came up with some generic speech of self pity, instead of telling her the truth of the situation, which you get to see in the next chapter.



Meeh, its gonna be a while to have Hikari again in the story, but dont worry, shell be back even if the main character has to get crazy to get her to.


TinyAu is back cause of Miitomo, though is gonna take a long while to get them all their proper clothes, I was going to buy them but is not so much worth, the poses and such are more on the lolphoto side than the storytelling one, anyway:



Of course she is, and it shows so clearly:


This application has reminded me how much I hate socializing, and the reasons for it.

Teacher personality:


Ceran, who is on vacation right now, clearly enjoying it, shell be back in the new stories.



And finally, well, Tiny AuAu storytelling easy place may not happen, but theres also a “fan” project going on…



or not :3

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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