About: New Sister 03-04


Aurora 03 ~New Sister~ ch 03

Aurora 03 ~New Sister~ ch 04



Yeeey, no plans for the future, its not like cats go to college or something.
Theres plenty to be ready for anyway.



Funny thing how Dark Cloud Aurora becomes so cringy and all here, though even she says she does, she doesnt remember that much, which is the main reason of being so around, when normally AuAu just tells it directly.
This part of the story is kind of a legend, half true and not, the thing is, the teacher personality didnt bother much with it, cause it would have been turn to dust as its so heavily influenced by the actresses illusion, for the past to meet the present.

Happy times:



And Tiny Au is back!


Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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