About: New Sister 02



Aurora 03 ~New Sister~ ch 02




The first part is just a convoluted way of saying that she took a motherly role, why convoluted? because she feels guilty, perhaps?

“oh, I do remember her name…” >_>
“there were three family members with the same exploding genes…” yes and no, she is basically early justifying what Hikari does later.
“The girls brothers were too young…” do they even exist? you dont see an image (as an imaginary form not a drawing, but also that too) of them anywhere else in the story, so it can only mean one thing, the actress illusion. By the way, theres gonna be a little new story of how Aurora falls into that, kind of a middleschool girl Au part, em, three? (Reo would be the first), though by now is a very short story.

The drawings were made with the early version of Art Academy WiiU, so theyre smaller, and no video, also were the first I did with it, I feel like I could improve them but Im gonna leave them at that, mostly cause I cant reopen them there.

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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