About: New Sister 01


Aurora 03 ~New Sister~ ch 01



Yaa, poor Blonde Woman, thats the “name” of the character, they were playing being nice to the rich little girl, but Aurora, well… thats it for her now but shell be back soon anyway.


The intro part is the teacher personality, and what she tells you later see at the Happiness of Marionette story, when Reo and the Aurora image go inside and Reo meets her. I guess if youre just reading this, it doesnt make any sense, but its too large to explain, or maybe Im just not in the mood, however, preeetty:



About the new stories, Im thinking on going forward with the new Alice story once I finish the drawings of everything else, feels like a proper time and a very nice reward, its also emotionally fitting for me as I do the stuff. Aaaand, theres gonna be a new Ceran, on her own, Aurora wont be able to pretend to be her anymore.



And I forgot last time, for the ~Lovely Father~ story, after the drawings I guess next is the music, or whatever I can make.

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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