About: Lovely Father 07-08


Aurora 02 ~Lovely Father~ ch 07

Aurora 02 ~Lovely Father~ ch 08



With this, the Lovely Father story ends and the New Sister one continues, which makes sense, he is not even there anymore. But do not worry, “he” will be there all along, somehow, kind of annoying, maybe.

The next story also has some romanticizing, so the story is not all accurate, besides theres another heavy factor, Dark Cloud Aurora tries to link the Actress with her, cause then they would be the same and would meet again, kinda sad, isnt it? but she doesnt stop there so the the story as a whole goes waaay longer. Theres basically three lines in the entire story, one about Auroras Mother, another for Hikari, and a third about things Aurora does herself.

Yaaaaa, Hikari is so cuuuuuuute.



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