About: Lovely Father 04

Chocolate Fight

Aurora 02 ~Lovely Father~ ch 04

“…but she never saw a paper map before, so she didnt know exactly where to point.” she perfectly knew the place, ahg, this ~innocent~ Little Aurora is getting in my nerves.
“…that she needed to be patient and not cry if they didnt fit” hee, more like going tornado is she didnt like them, cause those didnt seem like the ones her mother got her.
Aaaah, this is the tricky part, the doctor thing was not for feminine care, possible injuries or whatever, it was because Little Aurora was indeed little, she wasnt growing taller at all, yet she had the muscle to beat him up badly, along with the right attitude, so she was practically turning into a weird midget, some things she was supposed to grow didnt, others that did and did not went over, along the story you can see the details. These come from a genetic condition, along with her mothers training.


The rest of this chapter is pretty Aurorish.
Yaaa, the ending was pretty cool on this one, what is he going to do?

In other news, my 2ds is still alive, the problem was the battery bulged and moved out of place, I should probably throw it away already, but its too complicated to get another one here, and expensive, Im gonna milk that thing until becomes dust. The real problem is that only powers from the battery, which of course is almost dead, cheap idiots, even removing the screws is a pain cause they use tiny ones.

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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