About: Lovely Father 03


Aurora 02 ~Lovely Father~ ch 03




Panty party time!
Damn perv, but dont worry, all of Little Aurora was burnt, right?
And so, Little Aurora gives her father the responsibility of the mansion and everything within, also everything Mother Aurora related that was left behind.
What a lousy lazy kid, but she had her chance and basically did nothing, which is part of a grieving process that went long into the future, Jeff handling it could be seen as a correct obvious decision, and was highly needed for his own emotional process, but Little Aurora never went back, you can see it in the future as she refers to “everything is still mothers”, which it is, but if she had actually went back, she would have been slapped in the face by the reality that her mother wont be there anymore.
hey, she is just a kid… you just have one chance in life, if you wanna self pity yourself with an excuse and justify, well, she doesnt, and the story goes on.

Aint contradiction beautiful?
In other news, without my beloved 2ds after its tragic too soon pass, I tried to draw using my tablet, but it was no good at all for the coloring, only the lines, Ill do the rest on computer later:




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