About: Lovely Father 02


Aurora 02 ~Lovely Father~ ch 02


It kind of went cheap when she goes: and honestly polite to her, yet for someone who was used to eat on the floor, that felt very strange.
So its obviously another lie of Dark Cloud Aurora, in Reos tendencies to portrait a “normal” image, a lie you later realize with her lovely personality and the following of the story, her mother never liked servants, assistants, chefs, chofers, nothing, so having this dude around was like, weird.
“Suddenly Aurora was about to cry loudly…” yeah, right.
“Aurora remembered her father from yesterday and…” Aha.
Of course you can expect the strange stuff not to be a lie from her, like the new furniture, not caring about the money, and eating chocolate all day.

In other news, I already had the drawing done, but my lovely 2ds was having some old age troubles, and just when I was about to save and export the file, theres something broken around the start button, so it keeps shutting off, it did, and by now it wont even turn on.

“Hey old man, bring me a new3ds, my games are waiting, go! fast, now, hurry!”

mmm… I guess it doesnt work anymore.


Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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