About: Beautiful Mother 11


Aurora 01 ~Beautiful Mother~ ch 11

Yaaaa, what can you say? what can you do?… “see if the ice will melt for you”.
Anyway, this is the last chapter of the Beautiful Mother story, and, well, I guess a couple of spoilers from Aurora and her others, though that comes waaay later:
She is still “in love” with her mother, and the “training” did happen.
She did fought her mother, but she could never defeat her, which brings us to…
For a long while she pretends to have killed her, until the teacher personality reaches the truth.


Theres still the project of making music for the stories, but I havent work on that, much at all, I dont have instruments so Im using apps from my 2ds. For this chapter theres these two, I guess Ill work on that on the next round:

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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