About: Beautiful Mother 09


Aurora 01 ~Beautiful Mother~ ch 09
By the perspective of the narrative told from a cloudy future, and some tragedies here and there, about Little Aurora becomes something actually mysterious, in full mode after you know about the Reo personality. And like with any good trauma, the truth dilutes into many versions of it, for example this chapter, its kind of difficult but later you can figure out it didnt happen this very way, this is a “Little Aurora is kind of, like a normal girl” chapter, and theres also the drawings that portrait her that way, when in reality, hehehe, she was like this:


The immediate thought in your head is that her “freak strength” is a made up defense-escape mechanist from her future self, that her overgrown teeth are just for illustrative purposes, and her being different is a way to feel special after her parents lack of attention. These concepts become a fog as Reo is made to mirror a sense of normality to his environment, that until his time is way passed, the core does not wake up and he inevitably breaks.
A big clue about Little Aurora not being “normal” is when the Teacher personality didnt really react about it, if Little Aurora was a normal small girl, or even boy, she would have devoured the myth since she first appeared as a full personality, as she did when she torn apart the Actresses one without delay.

Even so, from these late chapters of this story, you can tell a lot about them and about what really happens.

In other news, I started to work a little in the new Alice story, the romantic part, and, uh, its gonna hit hard, that gut feeling twisting around, such fun! but Im gonna take my time to do it.



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