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Aurora 01 ~Beautiful Mother~ ch 07

This one gives you a clear contrast view with their outside world, and how different theyre from normal people, the mere process of starting going to school created such a big unpleasant change, gladly that got taken care very soon :)

The teacher quickly went for a dominance stance, and lost, thats pretty much it. She saw the small monster but probably her concept of a group, or her pride, was too big and couldnt adapt to the situation, and this was a rich people school, there a status to be had, that made her loss even worse for her. On the other hand, if Little Aurora wasnt so strong, she would have been severely abused, cause of her way of being and she is just as stubborn as her mother.

One can go wild, imagine a cute good looking sexy teacher, actually nice… Mother Aurora doesnt trust anybody, but it was too much of a chore to drive her daily, some poor driver would have been cursed to do so eventually… let her do anything as long as its not troublesome, it would be otherwise, shell get used to the noise around at some point… you know, I joke a lot in the Reptile Queen chapters about Freak and L5, but it is true, someone strong and different is a problem to a system.

Ahg, the heat is killing my mood so bad :(

One drawing to go for the next chapter.


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