About: Beautiful Mother 06


Aurora 01 ~Beautiful Mother~ ch 06

“…or so she says” hehehe, though my laughter is not about bullying it, on the contrary, its about expansion of expression, let it flow, for either the teacher personality to dissect it, or a full side story to be created, either way, its such fun.

Little Aurora maid
The painting at the back is “Wheatfields and Crows” from Van Gogh

which came to my attention after:

Yaaaa, what a cute little maid, mommies little angel :3

Im gonna use my 2ds a lot to draw, not only cause its good with Art Academy ds and also colors 3d, but because theres plans for a new 3ds and I want to wear it off :P. And Im really looking forward the new3ds, I checked the 3d effect the other day at a store and was so great, even with the dizziness I get, it reminds me of the time when I first play mario 64, ocarina and majora, I was so trapped by the 3d old settings, just hanging around was amusing and you could think of a thousand stories.
The outfits came from the maids at Caucasus:

caucasus_narumi_b 1680x1050

caucasus_akane_b 1680x1050


Its kind of sad, though also its good to be “complete”, that of Visual Novels Im only waiting for Rance 10 (which I dont have faith of a good story since the original writer left and it shows :s) and Kara no Shoujo 3 (the same from Caucasus).

And talking about game stories, Ive been trying to make a romance between a fighter and the blonde girl wearing pink with amused expression here:



but havent been able to come up with much, mainly cause theres not much to do at that place at all.

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