About: Beautiful Mother 05


Little Aurora, so cuuuuute!
She finds it fun to destroy stuff, though mainly she is just playing with her freak strength.

Aurora 01 ~Beautiful Mother~ ch 05
At the first part of the chapter, anger? revenge? yeah, mostly because “nobody came, nobody called”, though she realizes that she is not coming back either.
“Set of variables”, this concept is mentioned a few times, normally when she goes blank in a personality crisis by the loss of meaning.
At this point, she is desperate, its been maaany years, Satellite and Demons didnt happen, but Wingless does and the core starts tearing Reo apart, then Happiness of Marionette when he fights back.


Ive been working a little on the Alice new story, and, oh, its gonna be soooo good… Im gonna take plenty of time to make sure the elements are complete, especially at the sweet part, the dark one is easy for me to write :3



Cause you see, Alice is at the center, Sherry is dark hair at the left and Jane to the right, Sherry and Jane are cousins, Alice becomes friend with Jane and eventually with Sherry as well, they go to school together and go out too.
Since the beginning Alice is in love with Jane, and they become a couple, Sherry hangs around with them and they all have a happy time, buuuut, later Jane becomes sick and dies.
Alice goes insane in many ways, and deeply, Sherry sticks around her, and witnesses her change day by day. Alice comes with the last decision of reviving Jane, and does a magic sacrificial ritual using Sherry, who dies confessing her love to Alice, who finally breaks and kills herself too, though she had that in mind to do all along.
I know I spoiled the surprise, but that means nothing, really.

And I hope she doesnt quit her PR job, I kind of need her



Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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