About: Beautiful Mother 04.


Aurora 01 ~Beautiful Mother~ ch 04

Since I dont have much to say about the current chapters, I guess Ill comment about something else along the way.
I really like how the narration is at this the beginning story, so cold and tricky, its more of an initial explanation from Dark Cloud Aurora to AuAu than a presentation of the work to a public, cause lets be honest, Im only doing this cause its super fun. Under Reos illusion, part of the dark cloud is Aurora feeling like a third person instead of herself, which is what later leads to stuff like the Satellite and Demons arcs, not that those actually happened, they were Aus storytelling from a bunch of things that did.
And so, how to explain her own past becomes something not only very difficult, its almost “illogical” under the shadow of the structures of that third person, Reo, plus time and space have changed so much, you could well say it was all a dream, that it is only inside your mind.


But its not, so the story goes on.
Among the tricks, she exaggerates some stuff to the view of a third person who validates them under a normality setting, even when many of the events described did happen in the story, its different as she hides her own personality, “the core”, later you see all the personalities making all kind of jokes about cruel and dark situations, and they do it very comfortably, thats because being in the darkness comes in a romantic sense rather than a forceful one, the protagonist is more likely to call it destiny and face it fearlessly rather than just being stuck in it, because of those romantic emotions, ones that Mother Aurora doesnt have, and so we see the difference between mother and daughter, while one goes very destructive to remove the poison of the darkness, the other creates pockets of her own, stays there and has some fun, why? because of a romantic sense, and obviously having the means to do it.


mmm, now that I see it, I guess it needs some shadows inside the apple, or maybe not, Ill check it when its time come. I set the goal of 2 drawings per chapter, I have a lot ready so then it wont take me long.

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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