About: Beautiful Mother 03


Aurora 01 ~Beautiful Mother~ ch 03

Later in the story you find out that dates and some other stuff were, lets say shaped in order to fit certain someone, emh, obsession, though it doesnt mean its that off.
The first part is a good mental exercise to find balance and remove some fogs, either a sandbox or for real, its easier when done by yourself but sometimes other people must be involved, aaaand, if you dont have the skill dont even try.
“She always tends to put her beloved ones before her”
Thats a tricky statement, and the “always” its a red flag of something going wrong, though I dont want to go deep into that, if you think too hard youll end up creating some paranoia, hehe, it all comes down to the most important part:
“why a girl like Aurora was like that and where does it comes from?”

And so, the obvious thing to check is about her parents, Aurora is perfect, so what about her dad?

“So Jeff was in the middle of two worlds that pulled in different directions, Auroras and the one his parents gave him, sadly, he couldnt exist as the third element and bring it all together.”

This is pretty much the breaking point towards the end of this Arc, and, ahhh, what to say,  I have nothing to say, Little Aurora heard and witnessed these stories from her parents themselves, and so, she created a personality who could actually set things down, not to her own way but…


Teacher Walk 01

Sadly she came too late, but loves to bully the protagonist into sense instead.

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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