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Aurora 01 ~Beautiful Mother~ ch 01

Yaaaaa, its been a while, I always get blocked when its something about Mother Aurora, which is so bad, theres so many stories, ahhh… In this one, the very beginning of the storytelling, “well, whats wrong with you?”, Dark Cloud Aurora is breaking normality by narrating the causes, to and with the help of AuAu. By the conditions of this situation, it defines many of the things said and not, which in further stories develop to give the bigger sense, and the actual truth, such as the details of Mother Aurora family, their personality, what really happened, about those boyfriends, and of course, about the protagonist.

It kind of bothers me that, its like the fourth time I publish this, and I still change little details in the editing :S Im never going to finish… and no, Im not hiring people, I only needed someone for PR, and that one is:

The new work on the cooking is an Alice story, and her friendship with a couple of girls who are cousins, it takes elements from the main story but its unrelated. It goes kind of sweet for a while, but you can expect a very Auish development and ending :3


Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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