(AuNew) ~(AuNew)~ 08

Hey Au… welcome back… theres a conference right now at the catholic curses center, wanna go?… mmm, Au is not sure… its some idiot talking about collective brainwash reinforcement, but the door is open and we can check the place… Au doesnt know… I will dress fancy and nobody will say a thing…. is Mister Reo going?… the image of him, yes, its kind of destiny… Au has been there before… Ive been thinking, in the most probable scenario, nobody knows me there, so I can go as whoever I want, you can even design something new, for me to wear… but Mister Reo is the one to go… I know, and as always, I dont think I would be able to put those performances if I were there as a woman, just going like that reduces your levels drastically, its ridiculous to do that… Au wears a pretty dress…of course, Mother chose it for us… Au, hihihi… so, a wealthy handsome, taller man, intelligent, strong and smart, you can go anywhere with that, you can talk to anybody, you can pretend to make business with anybody, people respects you and fears you so easily, you just need to keep the string together and they will fall, but as a woman, nah, they dont really respect you, who would if theyre thinking of checking your ass as soon as you turn around? and youre not supposed to talk to everybody, so you cannot move as you need, I wouldnt even bother to go there as a woman, might as well just sit down and actually pray… Au, Mister Reo was made as a tool… mmm, its also a chemical thing, traveling through dimensions… Au wants to see more of those blurry videos… the soup opera? ok, its not like I really wanted to go, only if you could come up with something fun… Au, its very blurry… ahhh, you can easily tell she is the only one who can act… Au, her lines are interesting… yeah, its such fun to see, because the whole thing is so bad, but she does it so well, you get hooked, its like the story is actually good, for a couple of seconds, though the third is painful… Au, so blurry, and hissy audio, bu, bu… Im gonna get a seizure, ahhh! stop! I dont want to see this anymore, damn it… sure, cause Miss Aurora needs to bring a backup mister keyboard with touchpad… no I dont… yes, she does, and, and, Au… Im going before you can think of anything more… maybe Miss Ceran should get a bicycle, so she can go faster to bring things to Au… I dont have any money for that, and, I dont think I should be driving one, its an accident waiting to happen, my two feet is our speed limit, gheeee… what?… its just a fucking bike, why cant I drive one?!… maybe Miss Aurora needs a graphics card installed… how difficult can it be? my reaction time is fine… maybe Miss Ceran needs shared computer power, what about a mister horse?… and where am I gonna put it?… Au, Au doesnt really like mister horses.. but “horse girls are good girls”… Au already has her big mister animal to move around, where is Au mister new backup keyboard?… ahhhg… its gonna be for mister laptop, for mister computer theres the mister game controls… maybe I should go to the border after all, would you stay here? someone has to take care of Josephine… Au! is Miss Aurora finally going?!… pfff, no… Au, Miss Actress doesnt drive Miss Aurora crazy anymore… Im pretty sure she can, if she actually tries, I have confidence in her skills, she can turn the world around a million times, wouldnt that be fun?  hehehe… Au wonders if the mister smell is the same… but why would I go over to her?… Au?… would be kind of useless, dont you think?… Au, its a very good mister story… well, if you think so… maybe its time to find the mister real one… thats, just cruel, though the whole thing is so messed up that calling it cruel is like, mmm…does Miss Ceran still believes she is alive?… yes, I am Ceran, easygoing carefree girl… Miss Aurora would be too sad to answer… good thing she is gone forever… what does Miss Ceran think?… go ask the core, I dont know anything, and stop asking, or I will just dodge around, I dont caaare… Auuu, maybe Au is not like the Actress, maybe Au can really push around… Im too tired to even tell you what I think about that, I leave it to your best decision, Miss Storyteller… is that a permission from the Miss Core herself? not like Au needs authorization, Au can do whatever Au wants… you do know how lost we got the last time we went to search for her, dont you? its not just a map thing, its a trip into a void… Au is confident that Miss Ceran can do it… you just want to storytell about the trip, even if I can only make it a couple of blocks, hey, Im gonna land at the curses center, so much for a repetition, eh? hahaha… so, are we going?… no, Ive suffered enough, I dont want to do it, doesnt make sense, I havent seen her in so long, whats the point of continuing that line, when she is absent, when it is, just me… why did she want to kill Miss Aurora?.. mmm, I dont know… Au?… why dont you go ask her?… are we really going?… me, no, I dont care much, I mean, Im Ceran, Im so easygoing, traveling like that has nothing to do with me… Au, then who is going to go?… Aurora is pretty much gone, and Naggy Glasses has her own thing going on… Au, were staying… Ive been working hard for you to enjoy the place…”Hiraki tried to kill you, thats why you are not living with her”… wh, why is the core talking to me? I am the core, you stupid fool!… Au?… ah, hahaha, nothing, so, new keyboards, right?… with the mister touchpad… I know, I just bought one!

She, she didnt try to kill me
This, this is just a playful thing
Nothing that can leave my control
I am alive, isnt it?
I bet she feels the same
the exact same of that day
When she finally sees me
Time will move again.


*This and the next was one chapter, but went too long. Now Ceran goes to finally buy Aus new backup keyboard, and something happens on the way…

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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