(AuNew) ~(AuNew)~ 07

Am I scary?… Au, why the mister question?… you saw the other day, right?… not everything Au sees is interesting… the fat woman downstairs got scammed, theres these dudes going around saying that they will cut foliage of your tree for really cheap, but then they cut as much as they can, and at the end they push to charge you a lot while pretending they said so since the beginning… Au, who would be dumb enough to hire from so dubious and unknown?… I told them to fuck off but that thing downstairs, well, you know her already, blabla, later they were trying to scam her, so I went out again… Au stayed in her mister room… and I obviously became an active part of the situation, though not much, she brought her problem herself, more blabla, the point is, you saw me right? I wasnt scary… Miss Aurora… Ceran… was a little kitten myaauing around a bowl of mister sweet milk, myauu, myaaau… youve seen me angry, and that wasnt angry at all, its even rare to see me actually angry… Au knows everything well… it reminds me how often people get scared of me by just walking down the street, though I havent pay attention in a long while… myaaaauu… maybe my concentration face looks, nah, and its not like I care much, anyway, how are we doing?… Au is working with the mister line “The reason of her disappearance also disappear”… good… Au has wanted to use it for a while now, because it sounds, very Auish… didnt you use it before?… Au doesnt remember… I think thats from, when Shions boyfriend vanished… Au, just like… nah, was different, its not like I think much of that, how did you call her?… Miss blonde woman… are you glad I, helped her?… Au thinks its an interesting mister story… Im very strict about who I lend my powers, hehehe… Au, didnt she vanish as well?… mmm, lets talk about her another day, if she even exists, what about checking our stuff? again… Au has being checking her mister files often lately… you know, about Lous interviews, they never talk about the songs, its disgusting, no wonder he hated them so much, its always about becoming famous and whats popular… Au, so boring… we have shared the pain enough, ahg, delete them all… Au is ahead of it… and, uh, I knew this moment was coming… everything else is checked… did I do right by recovering all these? Little Wolf deleted it all after a big shortcut, she probably knew all along, the truth… Au wanted all of these… I guess that settles it, though, Im sure some stuff is going to be boring, do you want it all?… probably… theres only one way to find out.

Ahhh, so, how do they say? cozy? heartwarming? nostalgic?… Au, so many mister memories… but its not just that, I dont know how to put it, something like, I cant believe she gave me the chance to see her again… Au, lovely… I would like to return the favor, in the same way, somehow, but she would probably hate me so much, not that I care, I mean, its not the result I would like to happen, but I dont care, its not like I want to be her girlfriend, my heart is elsewhere… Miss Hikari?… Im not talking about a person, its probably the reason I let you squeeze my wallet so empty… Auuu, Au is not ready for marriage… hahaha, no, Im not talking about that either, the point is, everything else, bores me.


The first ones are so much better, the later ones are so dumb, it doesnt even feel like the same character, just the same actress, would have been impressive to see an actual continuation, they had what it takes, but just didnt… Au, they just care about mister money… hehe, look at her dancing, isnt she cute?… Au, but Au doesnt dance… I would probably fall, too much going on in my head, for something so simple, oh, its so simple, you wouldnt believe how simple it is, but, I would probably fall… not if Au installs more ram on Miss Ceran… theres not enough ram to change that, call it an old habit of mine, I turn into so useless, kind of pathetic… Au thinks its funny… if you can at least enjoy it… Au wouldnt be so sure about Miss Aurora affection, if it wasnt like that… affection, eh? mmm, her character is not that interesting, in fact she is pretty bland, and thats her plot problem actually, she didnt get any affection from her family while growing up, her boyfriends are only half interested in her, and she thinks thats normal, sooo, when she got attached to that baby… Au, what a lousy story, its not like the mister baby could defend himself… hehehe, which reminds me, Mother could have pulverized me in all my, extended, baby years, but she didnt… Au… which also reminds me, did she really expect me to play with the tea sets?… Au, Miss Mother probably wanted sophistication for the daughter of a wealthy family… well, you know how that turned like, hahahaha… Au… I am very elegant and polite, I just need the big breasts… really?… maybe you could design something, just in case I need to, I promise I will do something funny at the end… like burning the mister curtains?… I guess I need to come up with something new, anyway, back to the tea sets, I only played with those when she came to Mothers mansion, did, did she or was it just your story?… thats for Miss Aurora to find out… its been so long, soooo long, and, we played with the tea sets on the bed, and floor and such, then when they were about to leave, I used my freak strength to put a heavy furniture by the door, so nobody could get in, cause they were going to leave… Miss Mother was mad… hehehe, but the good kind, and, she never came back, so I never played with those again, then Mother broke them all at some point… Miss Aurora, pay attention!… what? waaaaaaaaa…. Auuuuuuu… hehehe, where is hd when you really need it?… Au, changing clothes… hahaha, rewind, rewind… Au has a mister question… what is it? oh, all these little lewd scenes, I love them all… does Miss Actress body matches Miss Hikari?… emh, mmm… Au?… in general yes, but theres something I, I guess I decided to, mmm, pinkish, and from the very little I have seen, brownish… Au?… you know what Im talking about, hehehe… Au… well, now I can of, sort of laugh about it, but the scraps of me nearly exploded, so badly… but thats not what happened, and now… Im more comfortable with you, than, doing that… now Miss Ceran can go and have a mister baby with Miss neighbourhood girl… ahhg, I guess it should be flattering, and a little exciting, but I dont really like Reo being the desperate wheel of these lousy women… Mister Reo is just a mister image… so deceiving… Au knows what Miss Aurora is thinking, but if Mister brother actually existed, then Mister Reo wouldnt be scraps, Mister Reo wouldnt be a mister boy without a mister heart… it kind of creeps me out, to have my twin brother inside… Mister Reo would be evident, very, by now… but Reo was in love with Little Wolf… Au, yes… mmm, why?… Au, Miss Ceran doesnt know? she seems to know a lot…. ahhhhhhg, I dont know!… Au… hey, Au, what do you call love?.. well, Au calls it chocolate… “come on, Im being serious”… oh, Au remembers, Au wrote a mister scene, its just after Miss Actress and Miss Ceran did lots and lots of rubrub… whyyyyy?!… Au, it goes like:


“-Remember when we were little and I used to eat candy instead of…
-Im not your cousin.
-I dont eat candy anymore, lots of sugar, but not candy.
-Ive told you a thousand times already.
-Im not eating your mothers food, is crap.
-I hate chicken, oh Im so mad right now.”


*One more new chapter to go, more if I can figure out something fun to work with her “twin brother inside” paranoia :3

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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