(AuNew) ~(AuNew)~ 06

Im back… Au, welcome back… Im gonna take another bath, Ive been a little germaphobic later… just later?… and theres also epidemics going around… what about mister work?… if things are stable, Ill slowly recover… good, cause Au wants mister backup for the mister game controls… mmm, nothing with special batteries, I dont want them dead by the time we finally get to use them… Au already knows that… how many manual interfaces for our electronic devices do we have?… Au, Miss Aurora worries too much… the good part is that Im forgetting about purchases for a looong time, once youre done… was mister class ok?… yeah, fine, nice timing to have your plans when they take a forced break and I got cut income… Au, definitively, those were different mister times… what?… maybe Miss Aurora should have taken something of value from when she was so much younger… you know I cant take anything of Mother, all is hers, and Im Ceran, I wasnt even there… Au was thinking of something from Mister dude that looks like Reo… oh, that, nah, no… Au, why not?… you know what happened with the “expenses” money… the only reason it piled up was because Au wasnt there, hihihi… there werent computers back then… Miss Aurora spent it anyway, on, uh Au doesnt know if she should even mention it… ahggg, did she really kill me for the money? ahggg… Au! Au was thinking about punching mister father really hard… I didnt beat him that hard, that I remember… and taking his mister watch, then keep it and sell it a few decades later, and buy Au mister easy stuff to play with… ahhh, hehehe, that would have been such fun, you can buy this whole house and everything in it with that, but thats not the point “hehehe, I took your watch, hahahaha!”, oh, such fun… Au… no wonder why he disappeared, hehehe… wasnt Miss Aurora the one who did?… eh, mmm, its not like you can take such things through dimensions after all, forget about it, and as I was saying, I was helping the dude next door, cause he is too stubborn to learn the classes, so I just do everything, and now he wants to sell these pseudo medicine, fucking scam, he knows a lot of religious people and wants to sell it in their places, he even tried before but does awful marketing and failed, and the worst is that he wants to sell them something that actually works, but in reality what he wishes is his own income instead of just living from his wife, so he pushes himself hard into believing it does work, while its just a fraud… did Miss Ceran tell him?… yes, his daughter is a doctor and did as well, and I was very direct about it, but he really wants that to happen, that opportunity to exist… mister miracle placebo… he always closes his mind like that, yet I said to myself what a hell and did my work, Im very good at manip, ehhh, selling stuff, but I always thought it was vile, so I never made any decent money from it… Au would have to work double just to make up the boredom from it… but then I realized, what if he was to take care of all the stupid details, and I just go play with my magnificent brainwa, ehhh, acting skills, wouldnt it be fun?… Au, probably, uuuh, Au knows, Au can see:
Dude next door who people believe he is a priest- Claudia, he is my assistant I talked to you about.
Doctor? R- Hello there.
Some lousy starving female doctor- Hi.
N- She is the doctor who helped me last time.
R- Oh, it was you, nice.
C- Yes, it went fine, but was difficult because people kept interrupting my presentation, I was talking about a product, then someone started “in my town we use an herb to cure” blabla.
R- Well darling, it was your fault.
C- What? I cant control what are they going to do.
R- And thats the reason you failed so badly, if you couldnt keep them quiet, how did you expect to convince them into buying? its, ridiculous.
C- Its, not that easy, and then they begin asking all kinds of medical questions, those people were really sick.
R- Thats why were selling our wonderful product, yet you somehow forgot to keep mentioning about it and decided to play as their personal doctor, while everything they need, we deliver.
C- Oh, no, theres, a point where you have to take things seriously.
R- Are you saying our product doesnt work?
C- No, Im, not saying that.
R- Cause we have an important multinational company at our back, studies and laboratories, and a book, have you shown her the book? its called “Things your old doctor wont say to you”, the author is a recognized genius in medical literature, he saved his wife while the greedy system doctors just made her suffer, and threw their family into poverty, health is not just for those millionaires and their fancy hospitals, health is in our reach, thats our mission, not just making a profit, and that book is our bible, you should learn it.
N- Ill prepare some copies for you before we travel.
C- Oh, thanks.
N- You both know the story, right?
R- A testament of our work.
C- Yes.
N- There was an old nun who was crippled, he often came to the city to get an operation, one after another, and she never recovered, I used to drive them around back then, once they presented them to me, and she was very sick, the doctors couldnt help her.
R- So sad.
N- She was preparing for an operation, took some time, so I gave her our products and she took them, then when the operation happened, the doctors said that she was in great shape, and she came out very well, everybody was surprised.
R- It was because of our medicine, and the will of God of course.
N- After that all the other nuns wanted the product, they saw how it worked and were eager, but, we actually traveled to their town, and, ehg, there were problems, this and that, finally the company couldnt deliver me the products, and, thats it, there was also this person, but we discovered that he was actually making the products in his own house.
R- Our current company is stable, strong, it wont be a problem this time, have you seen the videos? pass me your cellphone, the laboratories are amazing.
C- Oh, thats fine.
N- We have had a good start, hopefully we can continue it, thought the real purpose is to create a net, not just us selling directly, we will get a commission then for every sale.
R- Good.
C- Are we near there?
N- Almost, like half hour left, you can rest while we get there.
R- Excellent.
N- Doctor, and your gown?
C- Ah, I forgot it at home, with the hurry, I woke up late, but its fine.
R- No, it is not.
N- Sorry, I didnt bring it.
N- We bought a bunch, for the presentations.
R- They have to see us as professionals, not him cause he is the middle man, and they probably know him, but us, we are the specialists, well, you are the doctor and I am just your humble assistant.
C- Oh, ok, thanks.
C- Wow, they all came.
N- Yes, its a small auditorium but its full.
C- Shall I start?
N- Yes, good luck, doctor.
R- Wait, no, no, take it easy doctor.
C- Do you want to start?
C- Just smile and keep quiet, smiiiile, but not too much, thats it, beautiful.
R- Gooood Eeeeevening everybody! Deeeeaaaar looooord in heeeeaaven!…
R- Its so nice to be in a place where the people actually know how to respond, praise the lord!
R- We came here on a mission today, a charity quest, we have a responsibility, to break the shackles of poverty and those who are victimized by it, how? we are delivering quality medical products to those who cant afford what the greedy corporations demand, those medications that turn you into an addict, which inflict cruel side effects, and their cost is just ridiculous, we are here to change that, with new discovered formulas that support the very core of your living cells and the communication between them, is not like I need to tell you about it, you all know about your beloved sister who was cursed by the evil one, dare I say possessed? she was weak, she was in pain, yet chaaange did happened! because hope is at our reach! its something very real! what we bring you today is not only the newest most powerful formulas to cure your body, it also! I will tell you a secret, something I did by myself with the help of our sincere and benevolent company, the one that brings you this great products to your hands, I myself go, in the holy day of the thunder, every year, so the laboratories created this very batch with, not just holy water, you all know about the Mary of the broken hill, right? this is consagrated water!
-Yes! yes! the lord is with us and we will take care of our health, for he has giving us the keys to the future, a bright future, no more worries, no more pain, and we in our mission have created a starting pack with all the benefits of our products, at a very accessible price, cause we think about you, we care about you, we…
-Would you shut up already?!
-Oh, you have some nasty humor, Ive seen you and your face all along, while we are gathered here so happily together, you, you probably need some oxygen factor medicine, its not your fault, I repeat, it is not your fault.
Nun Au- Do you think were fucking fools? imbeciles? youre doing a fucking scam! you came all the way from the city just to take our money, right? guess what? its not going to happen, you wont leave with a cent from here!
Main Nun- Aurora, would you step outside for a moment.
Nun Au- Im not going anywhere.
Main Nun- I repeat, would you go out?
Nun Au- Youre just supporting because that fucking idiot is your friend.
Main Nun- He is a friend of all the congregation, and many others, he has helped us through very difficult times and he deserves all of our respect, if he says his product work, we are going to listen.
Nun Au- Just because you all made a mess with the tax payments, you illiterate trash.
Main Nun- Out!
Nun Au- Aaaaaaahhh! Im off, screw you, you stupid drools!
R- Ill leave you medicine, we wont let you alone.
Nun Au- Shut the fuck up!
R- We understand, we will help you, we understand!
Main Nun- We apologize.
R- Theres nothing to apologize, we are here to help, and this is a sign from God, we are so happy to be here, anyway, let me talk to you about the purchase plans.

Nun A- Hey, was Aurora in charge of gardening today?
Nun B- No, Ive been doing it all week, why?
Nun A- Because she is there with the hose and…

Nun Au speaking through a window- Guess what?! Im back! heres your consagrated water, you piece of crap!
R- Aaaaahgggggg, bu, bu, but I dont care! Ill put the other cheek, for you to strike it, here is my other cheek, just like the lord taught me, do it! fill me with your hate! I will stand strong! I will stand proud! god, watch me! watch me now! I am your servant!
— …uhhhwaaa.
Hey Au, whats going on, what is she doing there?… Au, she is very angry… aint Nun Aurora already there?… the mister thing is, she heard about mister sellingstuff Reo, and, Au… what?… she heard that he was going to become very rich and, Au… so what if he, wait, no, oooh, thats bad… she heard that Miss Mother was going to like him better than her… uh, this is not going to end well… Au, she is very angry… who told her?… “someone”, Au.

R- Wh, wha, what? wh, what do you want?!

Ok, thats enough… Au, the best mister part is about to… nah, thats fine, the end.


*More Nun Aurora drawings, besides the ones posted at the last chapter:








In her original story, she hurt her back and so she is not, emh, as violent as the other Auroras. She ended up falling into depression, but things went better at the end.




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