(AuNew) ~(AuNew)~ 05

-Todays schedule is very tight, so dont fool around.
-Dont worry, Ill be right on time.
-Next well go to research, I want to check things in detail, accounting can wait.
-As you order.
-and then, we wiiiiill…
-Madam, have you made that phone call?
-N, No, I havent.
-Aint this moment the best? You wont have much chance later.
-Of course I do, its such a simple thing to do.
-If you allow me to say it, your mood is not quite nice if something breaks your concentration.
-Can you do it?
-Yes. you can handle it.
-But I dont sound like you.
-The system has my voice records, just ask for a real time reproduction.
-Wont that send a report?
-It goes to me, Ill overlook, obviously.
-That would be nice to happen everyday, hahaha.
-Or better yet, just require a trance by phone, thats what I do all the time, the configuration is already set.
-Ive never used those types of things before.
-You didnt expect me to actually talk to these people, did you?
-And what am I supposed to say?
-Just repeat the orders as your own, heres the printed communication.
– … Interesting.
-Dont read and drive at the same time.
-So, this is the Queens play, clever.
-I dont see it, this is a worthless waste of effort.
-Dont you believe in the dangers of an L5?
-What can they possibly do? the Queen is just doing more of her pranks.
-I dont know, she looks very serious about it.
-Those are nothing against the strength of the group, and much less against us.
-Madam, can I ask you a favor then?
-What is it?
-If the Queen shows up, and theres a sudden special mission again, would you please?
-Its just chocolate, go get it somewhere!
-Its not the same.
-How come?!
-Were conquerors, its in our blood, well, some more than others.
-Maybe you just want to play too.
-Buying from a store is just a purchase, stealing is just taking our resources.
-We create the money too.
-But when the Queen orders, then its a conquest.
-Im busy getting prepared, and you should as well, less talk, shh, shh.
Uuuuuuguu… What is it Miss Aurora?… Ceran, gu… Au… the sponsor didnt come to the rescue… ohh, too bad… its not like I acted because she was going to… Au plan is good by Aus means… they told me she said something about the house repairs and the senile dumbass downstairs… Au, which one? so boring… Its not the kind of situation I like to get myself involved, I never ask anything to anybody, not even the sponsor, not once, if they offer I may take, but me to tell, never… Mister emotional distance? Mister pride?… those two and knowing my way around here, how many years has it been? I perfectly realize what goes on… Au, no trust… more than that, is the results, but in this particular occurrence, it makes me think, in one hand, its like the jokingly, hopefully saying “what are you going to do if you win the,” ahg… Au, lucky… I guess theres no way around being a burden… Au, no love… its better this way… Miss Aurora used to say that they were paying tribute for her not to, uh… hehehe, ahh, things go a long way back… Au knows everything… the other day I made a joke about them not noticing that they were bringing another kid from the kinder, not bad but I reacted late, so she said a couple of times “we get to keep him”… Auuuu, ch… ggggghhh, serves me right, it was my fault not to manage my speak, and the other day the dude downstairs said that I went to kinder in another city… Au?… hehehe, I think he noticed, but I played dumb, and he is so much, so nothing else… Miss Ceran doesnt seem to like them much… I wont turn my life around just for some fucking details, and its not their fault I went unconscious for so long… Miss Little Wolf said that… I just want off! I dont care, off, away! and on the other hand, she still is the sponsor, thats not changing; and finally, in the Auish sense, so fucking what?… Au, what would Miss Mother do?… move away from them, like she did with Grandma Aurora, and that dude that looks like Reo and kind of Naggy glasses… and Au?… of course not, we are special to Mother… Au… the real point is, back to our current situation, how much I can deattach myself from the monkey dance without the need of money?
Bubububu… Au, what now?… I bit myself while eating, many times… hungry?… I couldnt control, ahhgg, I ended up holding my cheek with my hand… oh, poor little Miss Ceran, she is so defective… ahhh, sure… but not to worry, Au has the solution, though Au doesnt know, is Miss Ceran portable or not?… I can walk… Au sees her more as a desktop, so, Au said to buy more Ram, Au always has good ideas… Im not compatible with ddr3, and Im not buying more… dont talk while Au installs a mister expansion… I dont have to eat it, right?… Au is almost done, there, Au is a mister genius… aaahhh, hehehe, aaahhh.


*Another two new chapters coming, the second is a story of Au, the next will feature a short presentation of Nun Aurora, yeeeey!:

LastNun2 ND06 ND09

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