(AuNew) ~(AuNew)~ 04

Time to move on with life now… Miss Aurora, Au has been thinking… no, thats ok… Au likes all of her collection in her laptop, a mister computer is as good as mister the contents it reproduces, but sure is slow… everything is fine, just wait a little… wouldnt be better with a Mister fast fast?… but then, uh, ahg, this stuff always gives me a headache, not everything would fit in… Au can transfer the files in use and needed, then Au can go back to the Mister computer as she pleases… uhhh… its like little one is retarded, poor little one, cant think fast enough, Au is going to turn it off then… and what are we going to do with the hard drive?… another mister back up, one for the go if needed, everything else is replaceable with mister money… thats the problem, I dont have any left… Au knows about the mister payment, theres no point trying to hide… uhhh… so, Au is waiting for Mister fast fast, then Miss Aurora has a lot of work to do… just because I recovered a little of our savings, it doesnt mean that you get to spend it, again… Au needs were established before that… ok, lets say something happens to mister computer… what happened to mister computer?… lets say it does, then, if you have all files here with mister laptop, we just settle the backup options with what we already have and move on, otherwise… maybe Miss Aurora just needs to buy another mister rack… but I went cheap and bought a non usb3 motherboard for the computer, I was spending so much that thought I was never going to need it because of sata… Auuu… well, those were different times… Au doesnt know what to do, Au… then its settle, retarded and fat it is, hahahaha.


-Like this looks fine?
-Oh perfect, stand still please.
-I cant believe we got off with such an easy job.
-Yeah, times like this makes me glad to be green.
-I thought of her being more, aggressive, driven by arrogance perhaps.
-I guess she just doesnt care, or is busy with high stuff.
-Im the head of the area Audit Department, by the nature of the job, I have a higher rank than everybody else around here, this place may be underdeveloped in many ways, but it makes it up in numbers.
-Too bad for them, we are here to exploit them.
-They will die in ignorance anyway, theres no way to change the imperial plans in the current situation.
-Is there something we can actually do? not that I really want to.
-Maybe pose for a phony photo just like this?
-You look great madam, arent you going to smile?.
-Do I have to?
-Wouldnt a human be happy? this is like their greatest joy.
-Ok, just do it fast.
*sponsorholdingcheck.png coming soon! cant draw and write at the same time :{
Ghooooooooooo… Mwumwumwu… Ghooooooooooo… MwuMwuMisterfastfastMwu… Ghoooooooooooo…. mwum, Miss Aurora, Miss Aurora… uhg, no, not now… its important… no, my head hurts, bad… but, Miss Aurora… how many times do I have to tell you?! its Ceran, Ceran! damn it! ahg, my head… Miss Aurora, Au has decided, mister action is required… what?… Au wants a Mister fast fast after all… noooo, no money!… Mister fast fast takes it very easy… I dont know how could I even recover some, and now you want to spend it… Au, Mister laptop is very quiet, Mister computer sometimes sounds to Au like a noisy mister brat, brrruuuu, brrrruuuu… ggggggh… Au, Mister fast fast, Aus heart is thinking about you, in the loneliness of that glass cabinet… shut up, Ill think about it in the morning… in the morning, Miss Aurora needs to be ready early, so she can bring it to Au… noooo, I cant be this poor, you dont really need it… maybe Miss Aurora can go punch her Mister father really hard in the stomach for the mister money… Im not going anywhere… Auuuu, mwumwumwumwu… gggggghhh.

Ok, here it is!… Mister fast fast!… hehehe, and I brought a good one, there was the cheap other, but I read that they changed chip manufacturer and went to crap, this one is fine, I guess… ooohh!… so, lets get to work… Au, Au, Au, Au is excited, a Mister fast fast for Mister laptop, Au!… egh, wheres the bios on this thing?

Aaaahg… Au wishes Miss Ceran would be as fast as Mister fast fast… ah! cut it out! I have enough with this stupid thing, its probably the usb3 that cant boot cause the bios doesnt have the driver, or something, ahhh! work already!… but usb3 is so easy… clearly not so much… Auuuu… ok, last chance, Ill install on the computer, then middle way through turn off and continue here, it can work, it can work, yes… Au… this is so stressful, I bet so much on these things… Au uses them daily, mister bet is ok… but, but, uhhhhg… Au… I just hope that the sponsor comes to the rescue, not that I will ever tell her… Aus purchase mister plan is perfect… thats so cool, can you believe it? out of two hundred thousand, the very first one… impressive indeed… its nothing related, but kind of reminds me of Mother, so much money, and still making more, hahahaha… Au, werent Miss Ceran complaining about a certain lack of something?… hehehe, me? never… Au… ahg, my stress! uh.

Hahahahaha!… Au, it worked… of course, I already knew it would, only a fool would have doubt… now Miss Ceran can get to work, so much to do… no that much, I guess, though, I relaxed a little but Im so stressed, still, mmm, this is nothing, what do I care so much? of everything I have lived before, this is so little, ridiculous… maybe Miss Ceran is a little kitten now, maybe Miss Ceran has found happiness now… mmm, I have gone soft, maybe I need some training, can you beat me up or whatever? Im missing sharpness, or, I dont know, I just keep playing videogames… oh, Mister fangs are there alright.


*Two more new chapters and then to work on the drawings for the “definitive” version of the Aurora, emh, book or whatever.

DarkAu and AuAu

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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