(AuNew) ~(AuNew)~ 03


Uh, Im tired of grinding Josephines food on the blender, then cleaning everything before the woman downstairs notices, I dont feel like buying a noisy blender just for that, well, as long as she is eating properly Im fine, ahhh, nice… with Mister laptop, Miss Aurora can rest mister belly… and Im gonna get a bubble butt if I sit so much, also, Im Ceran, dont bother me, ahhh, how come my belly gets so tired… speaking of mister butts, Au thought Miss Ceran was going to be with Mister Reos neighbour miss girlfriend… she is nothing… she wants a mister baby… yuck, and she is waaay too dumb, the kind of people who play innocentIdeserve even when there is doom over their heads… she is young and wants to give mister world a whirl… Im so glad I was never into that, her whole attitude is disgusting, though the real reason I dislike her is because we were and are on the same situation, yet we did the complete opposite, she had that car accident because of her now dead brother driving drunk… while Miss Ceran had a Hikari accident so long ago… eh, gh… Au, mister laptop is silent, almost as Miss Aurora…can you behave? and yeah, I was into power, but now that the times and chips have changed, you have to think about convenience as well… Au is happy that Mister wiiu is now quiet too… that damn disc drive is noisy as fuck… Au wanted all digital anyway… only because we caught a sale and sold the disc, obsolete crap… by the waaaay, Au is going to need some little mister things… mmm, depends, what is it?
—More ram to mister computer!… no, 4gb is enough! you never use more… but mister laptop has 6, mister computer might murder it at night out of jealousy, then take all the mister ram for itself, even when its not compatible, uh, such tragedy… ahg, fine, but only 2gb more, its cheaper and I dont want more, emotional issues… Au.
—A usb battery, and a usb cable for mister 2ds… mmm… Au?… good idea, the battery is not lasting much anymore, and certain someone still owns me some money, I remember that we bought a good usb battery for a travel she made, and she never uses it, so… Au is a mister genius… what else? nothing more, right?
—new microsd cards… ah, why?… because Au wants to have all her files to easily move, cute, so tiny… all our stuff doesnt fit in… Au, but right now is for the probable mister tablet Miss Ceran can get out of that mister debt… ehh, Ill think about it… there is nothing to think, Au, just go and buy… mmm, what else?
—3.5mm extension… eh, I guess so… get two… the catalog of the store only says theres one… Au demands two… Im gonna have to order it or something, gggh, so annoying… order more mister nibs for draw draw, two packs… I guess now is the time, ok, Im going… wait… what?
—Mister thermal paste… eh, really?… yes, a chirurgical procedure is needed for mister computer, the mister fevers are getting high, and Miss Ceran is such a neglectful mother… ah, shut up, Ill go and get it, the woman downstairs probably has some alcohol, and Im sure there are coffee filters in the kitchen.
—AAA rechargeable batteries… why?… for mister wireless headphones… mmm… Au?… we already have some… used… eh?… those were for mister phones downstairs… ah, mmm, well, its on sale.
—3.5 rack… wait, why? I thought we decided on micro sd cards for the wiiu… cause one of the mister hard drives will be making babies with mister wiiu, imagine the mister sound, gurgurgur, gurgurgur… eh? but then I have to fix the whole setting… Au, Miss Aurora has some work to do… gggh, and Im Ceran, damn it!
—wifi repeater… we dont need it… Au, we do… not really… think of Miss Sponsor… ahg, sooner of later, I suppose… better now that our mister money is still worth, mister devaluations cant take it easy… but what about my savings?
—microsd usb adapter… another?… Au, yes, while its cheap and we can get the mister good ones… this is getting out of control.
—surge protectors, cause mister electricity is like Miss Auroras mood changes… that stupid nobreak is to noisy, Im gonna use it elsewhere, and dont worry, Im Ceran, I have updated and I am very stable… arent those just antipiracy patches?… no! shut up, Im not that boring, I do bring interesting and fun features with each update.
—mini to micro usb adapter… really?… Au has a couple of good mini, but mini is almost no good… oh, that one right? well, it wasnt me, it was Aurora, so I can say, one comes from the wiiupro… Aus mister wiiu pro… yours?… yes, Aus… mmm, well, the other came when the idiot saw a picture of the Actress who went traveling to Paris for some documentary or whatever, and of course got jealous as hell cause she didnt came to see her instead… Au remembers… there was something about a camera, a picture and some boyfriend, blabla… oh, Au saw when Miss Aurora went blank with that last mister part… the blabla?… Au, maybe… she was an idiot with luck, so she got a lousy old digital camera, it wasnt that bad, but, meh… Miss Aurora later dropped that mister camera cause she felt something and she thought it was a mister bug… but it needed a cable to get the photos, a mini cable, this was before her computer skills so… Au, wasnt mister Reo then?… the point is, she spent almost all her money just because of some jealousy… Au is sure that was mister Reo… at least Im gonna make something out of that cable, with the micro adapter… perhaps Miss Actress was really Miss Hikari, and went to see about Miss grandma Aurora lineage… pfff, did you really believe that?… Au?… Naggy glasses already said it, Little Wolf made that up so it could match with what she knew about the Actress, cause then, she would be Hikari, and worse, then she would be herself… Au, where is grandma Aurora from then?… hehehe, I have an idea but Im not going to tell… Au can tell whatever she wants… she is so pathetic for that Hikari girl, but I, the lovely and wonderful Ceran, will hold from such vile temptations, and, what else did you want me to buy?
—Mister headphones… we already have, the inear and the wireless… Au is concerned about the future, Mister Wireless are kind of old… just like you… and our mister money is becoming dust so fast… buying these computer stuff is like gambling, you never know if the price is gonna go up, even the same day… and the opportunity is now, look! a mister sale!… its just 100 less, no, no, well, but not the same, come on… Au likes those, in ear are great for the mister heat… uhh, I dont have much money left, if I do get them, theres only like 200 left, I have fallen back to Reos levels, thats, just, miserable… theres the Mister dollars the sponsor gave… no, no, no! without it were completely poor, ghhh, there must be some solution, mmm, ok, what about this?… Au?… extra bass just how you like them, and a good brand just like the laptop… Au?… and its on sale too, much cheaper, hehe, Im going right now… and also bring one of those cute tiny brick pc… what? why?! we already have two computers!… so cute, its so tiny and functional, and the newer models, they said are so quiet, Au is moved, Au has found love… noooooo!… and a mister dr mario doll for all Miss Auroras illnesses… of course not, maybe a jiggly if I can ever find it, no, no, even then, no!… whyyy?… were all digital, screw the useless crap around, even the drawings you made me print, most of them got damaged with the change of the water pipes… but Miss Aurora wanted back then a jiggly doll to hug… what the fuck are you talking about?… Au has a good memory, Au remembers all… ahg, if I go and buy the headphones, would you finally shut up?… Au, maybe… if we end up poor and starving, Im gonna eat you alive… Au, would Miss Ceran hurry up already?… ahg, Im going, damn it all.


*Since Mister Reo was mentioned in the story, and I dont want to just repeat the drawing from the last post:





and the heir Aurorish form, lovely:


Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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