(AuNew) ~(AuNew)~ 02


You like it, dont you?… Auuu, Miss Ceran is certainly much better than Mister Reo… hahaha, of course, I am great, so great… Mister Reo once brought a mister laptop, but it was burnt and broken so it lasted a month… yeah, I remember, today it would be trash but back then was such an improvement from the 98, I could finally play 64 games… the next laptop was nice, but Miss Aurora sold it when she bought mister computer parts… haha, you could even overclock that thing, was kinda cool, until the ram tripped at some point… sturdy, still works… of course, but the dude downstairs keeps watching porn like an idiot, so I need to reinstall again and again… back then I told Miss Aurora “maybe we should have kept it”… nah, she did good, the battery never worked and it is old… touchy, touchy… ahhh, no, no, lets not touch the screen, its gonna scratch… Au… I brought the new keyboard… You didnt ask Au… its the one you like… but Au also wanted the one with a mister trackpad… but the finger gets sore… Au wanted that, maybe Miss Ceran should get that too… no, no, were swimming in electronics… theres a few things Au is gonna ask to get, all so necessary… this is getting sick, really, we have too much… its not that expensive… nooooooo! nothing new until the old is done for… Auuuu… we are fine at this point but we are at the limit, if I spend anymore, no, no, and its gonna take like a year for the old stuff to wear off, if it does, and come on, we still have tons of files to carefully select, back to work!… Auuu, ok… unlike that Reo boy, Im not into hoarding, on the contrary, very carefully selected, I dont want anything I half like, it doesnt even feel good and life is too short… Miss Ceran has done tons of house keeping as well… ahggg, Im too tired, and theres a bunch of annoying fixing to be and have done downstairs, that of course requires my attention, ahggg, this year has been weird, I mean, a bunch of stuff have stopped working… AuAu is still here… at least the laptop… all in one… is fine… Au is thinking of something… I got it as payment for the money the daughter of the people downstairs owns me, she was never going to pay me so I made the deal… Mister laptop is not very portable, but Au is happy with its monitor and components… the new pc monitor has the stuck pixel to the right and they didnt change it, I could have gone on with the complain but it was more painful than worth… Au like it better when it was white, now is green, Au wonders what color will be next… can you imagine if I had bought a big luxury one? and then a stuck pixel right in the center where you can never forget it exists, and then they dont take it back and you spent all your money on it… Au, Miss Aurora set a limit of expenses, so it could be bought back if anything happened… that is wise, we need to make our stuff last, luckily these new processors doesnt seem to become obsolete any time soon, at all… mister computers are very easy… Im using the old monitor to show cartoons to the baby downstairs, can you believe shes having another one? kinda annoying, oh, and also for when the sponsor comes… it has been attached lately… pfff, but I dont… Mister Ceran plays the villian who eats the mister food when it doesnt want it… only for the sake of order, if theres order downstairs then I can stay here in peace… Au… the other day it was watching its favorite thing and went like “uuuh, look at his little face! is so cuuty and pretty! hihihihi!” and I was like, you know, me, but I didnt say anything and left, the point is for it to be entertained, so I dont care if it is ridiculous and dumb… Au… its so softy is annoying, it wouldnt last a day under mothers training, she would have ended up throwing it from a high window, for it to splat and froze on the ground, buried in snow… Au, there wasnt any mister siblings there, right?… of course not, I would have noticed, hehe… Au, kind of cruel… naaaah, only if you werent worth it… what about mister unconditional love for little ones?… youre actually questioning mothers rules?… Au wouldnt dare, Au thinks is an interesting story… hahaha, yes it is, though on the other side, if Mother had done nothing to me, it would have made me so mad, I would have fought her directly, and… Au, so dangerous… well, for her maybe, cause I am the greatest of the Auroras, but you already know that… werent you Miss Ceran?… of course, of course… does Miss Ceran still want to marry her mother?… nah, Im too easygoing for that, hahaha.

Lately the woman downstairs have been watching the Actresses, mmm, main show, that doctor thing she likes so much… Au, if it wasnt for her… hehehe, anyway, I had to hide my smile and laughter, cause I was so close to say “oh, thats her, haha, you wouldnt believe what was going to happen, I bet you dont even have an idea, so funny, let me tell you”… Miss Little Wolf once decided to delete her whole collection, but Miss Aurora gave permission to restore it and did it herself… such nostalgia, sometimes I like the old stuff better, just for the memory of the remembrance… Miss Ceran doesnt even like the shows… meeh, Im not gonna lie, thats true, probably because of the “It has to sell” factor, the wasted opportunity, one after another, it would make me cry if I wasnt so angry about it, can you imagine? whats the point of living without it? damn… to make mister money and buy many mister computer parts… I already told you no!… Au didnt say it back then cause Miss Aurora would not, reacted well… what is it?… maybe Miss Actress and Miss Aurora, mmm, are not as compatible as with Miss Hikari… its not fair that I get naggy glasses while she gets to live in her “goody” world… fair?… oh, hehehe, I never speak like that, dont I?… Au?… ahg, Im such an idiot.


*theres like 4 more chapters on the work, so much work, though I let it pile up.

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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