(AuNew) ~(AuNew)~ 01


It was the middle of the morning, a woman wearing sophisticated clothes and sunglasses went through the rotating doors of the fancy hotel, then stood outside for a moment while her personal driver arrived in the car by the entrance. After a short greeting, the woman relaxed her stiff posture, put her arm by the closed window, hold her head and let out a sigh.
Driver- I was hoping for things to run as normal, I see it didnt.
Woman- I did, but also did not, it depends of how you see it.
-It seems to me that youre not having a good time.
-Dont get funny ideas, the briefing was successful, my job was done properly as usual.
-Then, if it is not on our side.
-Its not even what you think about.
-Ohh, well, thats better, I guess.
-I couldnt sleep last night, I kept going around these issues, as in finding a proper way to establish my state of mind, of course I meditated, then read some books, and meditated again.
-Busy night for a busy day, ah?
-I have many things in my mind.
-I, I just watched tv and fell asleep.
-Will it take long to go back? is there too much traffic?
-Nah, relax, at this hour of the day is cool.
-Its not like we have to hurry.
-We could have stayed at the same hotel, we would have arrived already, hehe.
-No, I dont want to stay at the same place.
-Really? I was looking forward meeting some guys of the force, to catch up while I waited for you, yet nobody was there.
-Could you please turn off communications?
-First of all, work is fine, everything is under control and on schedule.
-There were no recommendation, there were no warning, she didnt complain, and the whole briefing was fast, of course, I did everything properly and I tone it down to her, whims.
-And, then what?
-It went something like this, at the hotel main restaurant:

-…As for the results of the period, everything is on detail at the report I sent last week.
~Yes, I saw it already.
-The unit worked very hard, even with so many responsibilities.
~Nooow, what about that thing I assigned to you the last time?
-Oh, that, today I bring with me that report.
~You should have sent it with the other.
-I didnt think it was necessary.
~Im not into reading while having my breakfast.
-Its basically going well, just a little more time to improve the quality and…
~That wont be required, proceed as it is.
-But, it wont take long.
~I dont care, it doesnt even matter, is not about the quality, whats important is the sense of it being whats out there, what you dont have and its offered by the dominant group, its all an illusion created by such primitive impulse, your real goal is to set the timing right.
-Ok, then, I guess I can take some time from my immediate schedule.
-Now, if you excuse me.
~But you havent eat yet.
-I would like to go back to my work as soon as possible and…
~We havent finish, theres a situation I need you to take care of.
-Is that so?
~Yes, and give it priority, you do remember about the freak that lives in your area, right?
-Oh? the L5? that thing? I thought we already had it under control.
~Expect orders soon, a little reshaping will be done.
-There was nothing on the systems that indicated…
~Would you shut up? someone is coming, you! waiter! is there anything sweet at the buffet?

You see where this is going, right?
-The good old Queen having some fun as usual.
-Im not really, supportive, of these kind of acts, wasting time and resources on these pet projects is ridiculous.
-You know, these things dont really turn off.
-Im not saying something to be ashamed of, its a perfectly reasonable argument, do you know why we stayed at a different hotel all the way to the airport?
-Because, you were thoughtful of me and didnt want me to work after a long travel.
-The Queen planned one of her usual, pranks, something about the kitchen, then the pool, I dont even know, I dont even want to know.
-So were running away before it happens.
-The plans changed after they served chocolate cream and bacon at the buffet.
-Oh, did, did you bring any?
-It was a terrible mess, the Queen kept demanding more, and the whole situation, so unprofessional, so childish, so, so…
-I thought you like children.
-Good children, and these are no kids, its, its the Queen were talking about!
-Madam, shall I remind you? communications.
-Ahg, see? this is part of what I am angry about.
-Its something you were not supposed to witness anyway.
-Its not even about her, Im not angry at the Queen.
-Good, cause we cant afford it.
-Our society is doing things wrong, and I dont mean the humans.
-Well, the day I can smash things like that with my tail, I will probably get a raise.
-Im sick of the violence, they pretend is a game but it is real, very real.
-Thats why our army is the best.
-The whole concept is wrong, from the very beginning it is not where its supposed to be.
-And where is that?
-Do you believe this world is as it should be?
-I, I havent think about it, its not something you really think about, much.
-Well, I do, and I recognize that its wrong.
-Wrong in what sense?
-What about those high positions for people who do work hard everyday to earn the respect of others? a good decent person, intelligent, you do realize its not fair, and the consequences are leading us nowhere, yet the Queen declared war on boredom, on boredom! and everybody follows, its, beyond terrifying, its a fact, and its the worst.
-The Queen is actually very popular with the army guys.
-They are just following the biggest bully, bunch of uneducated creeps worshiping their vices.
-I have met some cool guys.
-I tell you, violence is not necessary.
-That sounds, so weird coming from an occupying force, were conquerors, arent we?
-Everyone of our structures are superior, but also stuck in the ways of old, these people just dont want to grow up.
-And what if an individual goes against the current?
-An individual by itself cant do anything.
-What if a group attaches then?
-Society must purge them.
-How exactly?
-They must live in society after all, if anyone falls, the rest remove them from the whole social dynamic.
-And how do you convince everyone?
-This is our real nature, not corrupted.
~Or maybe youre just scared and decided to ignore the very basics of your existence, supporting your bubble with some superior made believe, something that benefits your daily, arrogant and deluded convenience.
-Oh, my Queen, such an honor, there was this radio debate, I, haha, couldnt really change the station, this thing broke last month and…
-Maybe youre doing that as well, imposing your views with violence as it is convenient.
~Oh, it truly is, but Im not communicating to have a conversation, Im sending you orders, carry them, bye bye.
-My Queen, I heard something about a chocolate cargo conquest, may this servant be part of it? Ill do my best.
~Oh, its over by now, there was a rumor of more being somewhere, but nothing else was found, and, I think with the commotion I ate a chef, Im having a stomachache and I only get that from humans.
-Maybe next time.
~Carry on, bye bye.

-Madam, are we going to die or something now?
-Ahh! Shut up!

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