06 ~(AuNew)~ Intro

Auuuu, its no use… shut up already… auuu, its not possible… Im busy here… auuuuu… Ah! whats with all the complaining?! youre not letting me do anything!… oh Miss Aurora, theres a big problem… what is it?… Au cant do it, its too difficult, Au, Au cannot reproduce it?… what? and dont call me Aurora, Im not her, Im beautiful cool easygoing Ceran… legendary Mothers vibration of the hurt, burn and pierce… ahhh, that, the cursing, right?… Au tried but couldnt do it… its not like its difficult, its more of, like, mmm, too encrypted, I guess my little heart cant take it so easily… auuuu… its not just funny, fancy or catchy words, nobody gets offended for something without any real depth, unless youre dumb or something, the real trash talk comes from the meaning in a situation you put yourself into… maybe Miss Aurora can reproduce it so AuAu can storytell it… she is not here anymore, I dont know why you keep calling after her, maybe she got lost or something, Im sure, yeah, youve heard of puppy heaven, right? theres something like that for personalities too, so, no need to worry, and no need to waste resources searching after her, everything is fine… Auuu… yuck, I bet the dude that looks like naggy glasses said something like that too, eehggg… Au, back to, what about?… me? nah, no, no, Im very mild, Im a little kitten in the blossom of its youth, and you know, things are, very quiet now, its like the weather, you get too used to it… auuuu… and even if I wasnt, I cant reach that high, Im not very social so I dont talk that much… uhhh, and now what do we do?… its gonna be a loooong time until Im ready to fully hear it again, the point is, mmm… so it will never be done?… I, I guess I can give you something, if youre ready, get ready? are you ready?… what is it, Au?… the abstract box of treasures and hopes!… oohhhh!… this is such an honor, what a great day is today… Au… 1, 2… Au.

whahahahahaha!…. ohhhhh… hahahahaha!… uuhhhh… didnt I tell you?… scawwwyy…
well, lets go back to be a kitten, theres a bunch of housework to do… auuu, Au cant move, auuu.


*This is the real Ceran personality, Aurora is just pretending to still be her:


Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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