Storytelling Days 07 ~Candy Colors~ 28

Stories about girls wearing glasses 02.
12- Just a Copy I.

It was, absurdly simple.
For a dance that you have to pay
And then you must raise the bet
Flying across the mouths of pits
Deep endless despair ripping in
Its, blind love.

It was ridiculously easy.
It started with some fool following me around
Like so many all the time
They pretend to be nice and all
But they just want to stick it down your throat
You are nothing but a doll
All lies to keep you there
And Ive had been hanging for some time
For some business to regard
Describing the nature of his actions is unnecessary
He was playing the game of take
And was particularly persistent in his effort to win
It was, additively normal.

How dare you come that close?
Dirty alley dark and cold
I cant believe you actually thought
The pitiful performance you just saw
Goes to show what you want to be done
In this savage part of the world
Its, a color scenery of beauty and rust.

Sacred and divine is just noise to let you sleep
Theres nothing but silent still
Once you realize you no longer dream
There was no point holding down anymore
It was, seductively in spirit.

Only the dumb go back to seek
For its senses are dull and weak
I can still hear the sound
I can do whatever I want
Flesh torn apart there is no going back
So precious the face he had
Among the pour of what it contained inside
Its, a nectar to embrace in life.

Hanged on bath showers was a common end
Such is the pleasure of a dinner plate
Theres no specific just here and there
The point is not to make a mess
Delicious nectar is the only drug I take
Along with a thousand wine bottles of trend
Slow cooking a meal made of hate
Arrogant dolls are the best for a taste
You can see it in its eyes, core tremble of fate
I was supposed to be like that but instead
It was, absurdly simple
Didnt I say?

And then theres those two
Made from that adventure partner that drools
For an angel to create sense
With exciting reason to extend
The boring curse of the time
The one you only get once
And then, theres those two
From the life I decided to pass
So long ago yet still alive
Now that experience has become so redundant
I wonder whats on their mind of importance
The boy is not that clever in sight
But is strong and has looks to hold high
Not as much as his older sister
He follows her all the time so persistent
Yet is nothing like those gambling types
Maybe later will become otherwise
Im sure no matter how much I search about him
nothing impressive will show up on the whim
I already know that
It all points to her side
And the mysterious smirk she wears all the time
Other people have called her weird
But she can easily stand still
With cruel joking theme
She calls on what its done and thats it
And they live adventures on their own
It was, the door of what needs to be done.




*Yaaa, next chapter is the end of Candy Colors and the Aurorish story, whats gonna happen? uuuhhhh.

The next “book” or whatever starts like Cat Dying Days-AuAu Days:


But Dark Ceran instead of, nah its the same :P

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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