Storytelling Days 07 ~Candy Colors~ 27

Stories about girls wearing glasses 02.
11- Little Aurorish 04.


I got the time under my feet
Lets go feel complete
Birthday quality candles are the best
To celebrate you are the heir

With a spark and elixir to embrace divine
That new furniture for the senile
Look how easy this can be
Theres not much you can keep

I told you I wanted a racing car
Instead you got this frenchy trash
You told me to be a prince
How am I supposed to videogame like this?

Im the heir of everything there is
Lonely child with a kingdom so big
So much love is practically worship
With a flame times change into a new order

But lets not talk politics today
I feel too good, Im gonna have my way
So warm and flashy until its dust
I even found how to turn the rain off

Watch out for that classy polished wood
And so many foreign goods
Those curtains robust and large
Perfect for a romantic time

Lets not walk down the long hallway
Its better if you forget what was there
You said silverware has no taste
But you didnt see the alien and its base

You must know math to understand psychology
And how you mirror to the flame
All those silly lies to deal with this child
Youre only protecting your own mind

So many people feeling low
And theres only one way to go
A kiss and a hug to end the day
I will finish your worries with such great taste

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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