Storytelling Days 07 ~Candy Colors~ 26

Stories about girls wearing glasses 02.
10- Nightmare of a Thousand Babies II.


Little Aurorish 03- Lately its like, shes being doing a lot of, that, cop thing, I wonder why, whats with the cop thing? kinda too much, maybe, you know, I have a cousin that, his dad is a cop or something, like that, is he? I cant even remember, whats with the cop thing? and she kinda looked old in the first one, like really old, but then, in the copy I found at that weird streaming site, I was dying for because of a rumor of she going around with underwear in the very first scene, which wasnt really true, it was nice though, anyway, I hope it doesnt give me a virus, not the site cause I controlled the scripts, but the addon app to get the video, maybe I should use virtual machines, but it pains me to see the computer torn in half, is like, yuck, why would you do that?! Im not going back to those old stupid machines, oh, where was I? yeah, the cop, thing, why does she like it so much? sometimes she just puzzles me forever, and, ahggg, I bet she loves to play with my heart.
-That photo, that photo is a fake, now, let me tell you this, there are really, really bad people out there, who do nothing else than spreading vicious lies about the ones we love and care, Im gonna say this clear, I know it matches her name, I know it may have been a little silly, an act of youthful daring days, but no matter how you put it, because it is completely wrong, Im sure there was temptation, but at the end her good will was stronger and she could see how stupid, how harmful, how neglectful, could have been to get that feet tattoo, I mean, I would never do it, Im sure she would never do it, she would never, ever put me to the trauma of going through such a disgusting procedure, and the needles full of diseases, its, its just wrong! and of course she did not do it, because she cares, I laugh at this picture, and feel free to laugh with me, hahahaha, cause this, this, this is just a lie!… no sorry, I should take better care of the photos I print, though theres no point, I like everything digital, its not like Mother is going to charge me for the power, is she?
-Ok, Mother, Mother spanked me! unbelievable, in the middle of the new year dinner, in front of everyone, I just wanted, I though it was a good idea to, ahgggg! why cant she just understand! in these situations is when the human thing to do for people is to support and help the poor victim, to ensure the stop of the harassment, we need like, to push for legislation or something, my brothers were like only watching, why would she do that?! its so, annoying, and embarrassing, but, but, it will be over soon.
-The prime objective of this show, webcam show, is to broadcast about love, my love, my love story, for you to enjoy in empathy about the hardships and achievements towards our goal of happiness, its completely redundant, but feel safe that the money will be exclusively spent on the mission you so eagerly support, I am going to meet her, it is a fact, and it is destiny, it is like it has already happened, but its just waiting to happen, this is a written book already, we are meant to be, we are build to coexist, we, we are, one.
-And now for something more, on the light side, I know there has not been many new stuff going on lately, but anyway, thanks to my superior skills, I present you on our media section, brand new photos! clapclapclapclapclap… hehehe, first we start with retro, or better said, classic, I dont really know how I should call that, lets say style, but anyway, here we have, going shopping! ahhhh! she looks so great! but, but, but, ahg, whats with that soda, I dont like that soda, its not real sugar, why, why does she have to do that? and then, she bought like a bunch of boring books and the bag is breaking, why cant she buy something more fun, something for me, that would be good, but maybe, I shouldnt get mad, she is holding for me, she needs me to be there, thats all, and then everything will be fine, oh, sorry to keep you waiting! hehe, emh, the next photo, and remember you can only see them, no keeping on your hard drives or any kind of memory! the only one allowed is brain, and thats because I cant be that mean, and how can I be when our next photo is, ta daaaaa!

Keep up, empty, empty bottles, lying side to side,
Used, dangerous, so empty bottles, now is all inside
And the winter can make you lazy, one day at the time
And the company that keeps evading you, passing you by
But I do love you against all odds
I have no idea of what you want
So sadly, out of time.
Im gonna be the mother, my expression blushes over the cold
Its not even my room, I found somewhere along the walk
Its so different, somewhere Ive never seen before
Where I still love you, against all odds
Its just that I dont know what you want
From the fan club to the collectables
If I could only hold everything I got
Even my cat went to live with my brother
By the time the air went grey and duller
I said, its been so long
Something new she will surely show
For me to see, and hear, and live
Cause its true that I do love you, against all odds
How can I know, what do you want?
I dreamed of a hug, of that small modern photo with the shiny tone of skin
Im pretty sure its just an illusion of lust
That theres a dress beneath your naked arms
You hold me so softly tonight
As I always knew you could have
Maybe we can make it, though I failed before
Are you getting closer? close to me once more?
Then Ill try to entertain you, try to make myself more clearer
Seeing you along the years, and seeing me,
I do love you, against all odds
yet I dont know what you want
Foolish, red empty bottle, flowing, out, of, time.
*I thought of making her go in a killing spree or something, but the whole point of a “thousand babies” is that her blood is too “diluted” and powerless, so, and I would need more elements for a longer story, a complicated web that holds her paranoia… maybe in the next round, though I love this ending (she poisons herself). For Storytelling Days, two stories, two more chapters, Little Reoish happily setting things on fire, and the sad ending.
I wish I was more crazy to fill this story, next round, next round… actually, in the next “book”, it starts with AuAu bossing around Dark Ceran, who is very busy fixing everything around, and then Au complaining how normal and “boring” she has become, the Teacher personality lays back into the shadows a little, because of normality and after that core take over, I bet she is playing safe now, its obvious for that personality.
Reminds me of the time when Alice told Reo how boring he actually was.


Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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