Storytelling Days 07 ~Candy Colors~ 25

Stories about girls wearing glasses 02.
09- Nightmare of a Thousand Babies I.
There was a mansion by a forest, nearby a lake
A vacation residence in a wealthy small county
Far away from the cities and its disturbing noise
As you went deeper the mountain paths were steeper
One day long ago the casual activities changed
The new owner set a new order, for the place to quickly embrace
The employees were ready to welcome her, yet they only found dismay
They were let go not with a smile but with a nasty scream on their backs
They thought she had her own people, and you could say that it was true
She became opulent with time and the family extended to many corners
and with its members bringing in plenty of everything
you could bought all you could possibly need under the same name
Including what was in the slight darkness of the attic, well…
Didnt I say everything?
-I havent seen mother in a month!
She spoke to herself in the loneliness of her room, or maybe she thought, of someone, like an imaginary friend.
-And, ahgggg! this is so annoying, she has like, a, you wont believe it, she has like a suggestion box or something, now is the new thing.
-I sent a couple letters, but then, this is sooooo unfair! I listened that she only cares to those with the most, oohhhhggg! I bet that she didnt even read them!
-And, but, she is not the only one who is set to hurt me, cause, then, the other day, I discovered the most shocking thing that could ever happen, you wont believe it, my brother, my younger brother, the one that promised to marry me ever since we were so little, he said that he was going to be there for me in case nothing goes on, and now, I found out, it turns out he has a girlfriend!
-Its been a terrible year, especially at the end, they dont even pay attention to me anymore, but, but I dont care, I have everything I need.
-I cut my foot and there was a bloody river, I didnt have enough money for my own xmas presents for me, I got half a flu and felt bad, no breaks batteries only last two years at most and mine already went off, I had to force feed my cat again and now I use the blender for her food, the mobile app I used to manage my files turned to crap, I had a bug crawling on the end of my bed, and the worse was seeing all those ads in my mail, cause theres a credit card on my name, yet Mother forbade its usage long ago, I bet she doesnt even remember by now, aaaaaand, I still get all those promos and ads, I want to buy myself so many things! oh, changes are on motion, we must go through! ahhggg, Im so sad, its just not happening.
-I searched the other day on the store of my phone, about Sxxxxx, it said to rent for 25, and buy it for a hundred… hahahahaha!… and then Lou, it said buy it for 90, and 15 for a song, aaand then it said album only… hahahahaha!… what kind of fool do these illiterate faggots are trying to scam?… ahhh! she is so pretty!
Little Aurorish 03- But, things are going better right now, it feels so great to finally see some light, thanks to you, Mr. “Sek Klep”, ha funny name, the project has been low on funds but now its alive again! and with this happy feeling, I proudly present to you all the very new exclusive material, ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaa… first one of the year, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!



*Non glasses version (more like I forgot to draw them):


And making video:


New chapters will be posted here.

And theres also new drawings of Kara no Shoujo 2:





and making video:


I draw them without eyes first because I often do that with Auroras personalities, and that also applies there.




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