About: Aurora ~Intro~


Aurora ~Intro~
Yaaaa, I cant believe its been so long! even when it hasnt been that much really. It happened exactly as it was told, the storytelling energies accumulated and exploded, not creating, but giving design to this universe.

I find it funny how the intro gives you the lets say solution to the first three books, specially the Reo stuff, I love certain mystery novels, or better said games, but the mystery itself is not what I care about, its the story, the process, living through what happened again and again. If it was only the mystery, no matter how good it is, you would never play it again, meaning it was worthless all along, thats why I decided back then to just place the answer right there at the beginning.



I fixed the second drawing a little.

By the way, if your computer is running too hot, a change to fresh thermal paste can do wonders, mine certainly needed it, feels nice to see those numbers low. I also got a new laptop, one-in-all type, good for when you want to be with your belly down or silent mode.
Also by the way, the comedy epilogue of Candy Colors is gone and now is the start of the new book or whatever, will be AuAu milking Dark Ceran savings by constantly asking for new computer stuff, again and again, then comes the Reptile Queen with the local auditor who is acting as the sponsor and, blabla…

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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