New Blogs

Ahh, fixing 7 blogs is a ton of work, but luckily it will be done quickly and will continue with the story, the first story of the new “book” is already cooking, with the newest strategies of the Reptile Queen for the everlasting conquest of this world. For the rest of  Storytelling Days ~ Candy Colors, theres “The Nightmare of a Thousand Babies” which is comedy, “Just a Copy” the tragic ending story, and a little cheerful Auish epilogue.

Funny thing, while designing the new blogs, everytime you refresh to check it, you get a “view”, so I ended up with a couple hundred of them. Not that I care much about that aspect, its been years and I have wasted many opportunities to “become bigger”, not to sound rude but its incredibly tiresome to “grow” a larger audience, to do sound rude, if people werent so boring in the first place, I wouldnt need to do this, hehehe.

“Love has gone away, took the rings out of my fingers, and theres nothing left to say, but how I miss you…”


If you know about “Dark Cloud Aurora”, you know what kind of mood she swings around, but it has come to my belief, that you can do all you want yet nothing really matters unless you create, everything else alone is just a pitiful spectacle of begging, for money that vanishes, for a safe net that is faulty, for opinions that change with the season, for time that flies away. If you create what you really love, then you can live it again and again, moving away from the sunset of real story and the sunrise for the whistles to sell something, bringing you down to the lowest denominator.

The most exciting for me to write about are real tragedies, the ones that go to the very bottom, its such an interesting puzzle to solve everytime, probably because of personal circumstances, I can easily feel and reproduce it, but a terror story is boring if its not beautiful, theres no point twisting your brain for something ugly or empty.

Oh, the music and animation plans are still on, but will take a while.

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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