Change is Always for the Worse


Well, eventually happens, and so, my old page is gone, is taking forever and it feels like dragging, now Im in the process of making a new blog for each of the books, volumes, or whatever, theres plenty of content for each and Im gonna consider it the last form, as a webpage, cause Im not very fond to .pdf, Im not selling anything, for file management it would be waaaay too large, this is perfect, considering the literal meaning of according to a situation.

I was trying to find a theme with transparency so I could use my drawings for everything, I did found it but I couldnt change the color of the font, for free… so good old Twenty Ten is going to stay, for here I found this lovely chalkboard one.

This is going to be the hub, and Im gonna write whatever here, cause why not, and its good to keep in shape.

Easy Mister Comment Space, Yun Yun.

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