A Girl Named Aurora 01 ~Beautiful Mother~

When will I remember you?
Will I be older and stronger than you?
What will it take me to remember you?
Will I be able to come back if I forget?
All I know is to tell lies
As time presses and it becomes dark
I dont even know how to explain
About the sand, the moon and the waves.


Beautiful Mother 01

“First love is forever, only you, only you”.
She gets a laugh being like that
Also about her name not to be remembered in this world
It is said it does not belong to a single lady
Its a name that was shared, perhaps also its fate.
Once upon a time, Auroras mother told a short story about how much she hated the name cause it was the same as her mother, and that being the reason she shared it with her little daughter.
Close together? that may be normal for someone that age
Shall I look for another word?
To say the world revolved about their own
Truthful, I must say, she is willing to do as she says
Aurora talked about her life
Her little one could not see with her own eyes.

She was a somehow normal girl
Its just convenient for me to say
Father, mother and younger brother
Strange relationship is called when it is difficult to understand
Poverty is a given, nothing to do is the game
It is said she took her brothers hand
Lead him to find a nice place to sit outside
Surprise as you come home, and nobody is there.
Would you cry all night?
Or worry if people could find out
No money nor food in sight
It is said brother and sister, at that moment took their own ways
Into the world that didnt care, all for several times
Until one, those were back, with nothing in their hands.
“I will not forgive” she said as she stood proud
Kind of tiresome, to go back to the old life
What a young girl could have done?
Desire and wealth dance in the middle of the night.
And in the future, there shall be another one
To decide as she did once
And so, I tell, that first time
Discard became a problem of body and mind, therefore
At the second time.
And another difference
He, he and his family
He and his family and their businesses
He was in a race to be the first choice
The head brings pride and joy
To step on the line as others before
And in the game of trade and pretend
If he was to get married, he needed a chain
To bring more to the table than flees and debt
Now, lets not get carried away
Someone smarter planned much ahead
She said, lets take it all, these all are fair play
Theres a house by the mountains, Ill go there and take care
And when it is done I will say
“Im gonna give you my name as well”.

Oh, please…
Then you get cheesy cause you have to explain
A thousand months in the future, what happened one day.


Beautiful Mother 02

Troublesome, and tiresome, and worrisome
In her dark blue room
Hormones within the blood, and the senses
It becomes, difficult
Following such created natural emotions under her current condition
And situation, so you think, of how it could be done, before.

Jeff was a young wealthy man who was born and lived in a northern city, since he was a little boy he learned to well behave, be serious as a responsible adult and manage properly his belongings while taking notes of what went where. His father was the lead of the large family business, both of the parents educated Jeff with care and hoped that one day he could follow his father steps. Jeff was happy with himself, he wasnt the kind of person who cried when his reading glasses accidentally broke, or when something came unexpected, because he had a well structured life that let him face problems with ease.
But not everything was going perfect, Jeff was prepared for business decisions and relationships, but very, indifferent, when dealing with personal affairs.

One dinner time, mommy said loud and not so fast
“A wife and having children, such a bless
Little ones made from the finest clay
Vices wont crack, Illness wont misshape
Pleasant colors for all to watch
And very proud about its past”

High class parties and events
Beyond work he didnt even know why he was there
To clean after desire was beyond unwanted
Everything was pretty normal until the night he met
A very beautiful woman, a little older than him

He was very lucky that night, as her plans fell apart
She was there to convince, to finally seal an art business deal
However something happened, it did not complete
So wasting her time, she sat down besides him
Without even noticing a thing
Just to get drunk, bad mood gets sunk for free.

With such a sight at short distance, thoughts easily leave your mouth.
“It happens that I dont feel interest about much of anything
So it will be hard, for me to drool over your heels”
“You might think, I miss a thing or two, in case of a certain result
yet I collect along the way, enough for me to care”
“It is weird for me to say, for art I lost one tenth
I believe I rather sing: In a foreign distant shrine I gave a teeth”
“What about a swing and a scheme?
You enjoy it all yet you also keep the tree
You just need to grow some thorns
Then one day I will call
Hey, the baby was born”.


Beautiful Mother 03

Why not play opposite sides?
When there is too much information coming back
Cause you know, its full of gaps about this and that
It is not healthy to live on broken blurry data
Yet you will never read about it
Its all fantasy for their entertainment
One more reason to lose respect
About their conception of self and, well, so
One moment is all happiness
The next time is all horrible pain
By the third it is easier to realize, what was really what.

Aurora is a very resistant person
Puffs like a little balloon
It should be a show, for the moment of too much
But then she just plays acting here and there and the pressure lows
Was she right or wrong? she doesnt know
Better said, she doesnt seem to care
One wonders why cant she just live without…
You already forgot so much, why not, keep on?

Near a lake and a forest, there was a villa with huge mansions, one of the best were the home of a wonderful mother and her little daughter, it wasnt close to the city but wasnt faraway either, snow was beautiful and fun to play with, and if there was a blizzard, your mother had to stay home and be with you, at least in the same house, and you could camp at her room door.

It was a pleasant relationship about pleasure
Everything else fell on its place, on its own
Like her strong will to be alone
And now she had the place to do so
Let the snow covers the trails of whats done
It was the perfect pregnancy
By all measures and standards
Its like she took the medical books about excellence
And decided to perform those
So much she also delivered at home
It was, perfect.

Now that the baby was out of her body
She honestly didnt knew what to do
All issues and everything was fine
The depression of the baby was not within her anymore
So lets go out to live life in the fullest of glows!!
Take care of, what?
You cant have someone else home with her many habits
What about the father?
No, no, no, you got it all wrong
If he takes care of that, then, then
She can close that circle and move away
If I was the father, I wouldnt be there!!


Beautiful Mother 04

To be, to live, to exist
So, I believe
The last time I tried didnt go so well
Then I think of extinction
And how everything was so difficult to begin with
How many million years ago?
How many percentage of it all?
The last dream
That was yesterday
No, it was the day before
We are, so beyond it all
And how everything was so difficult to begin with
Then I think of extinction
Everything is gone
And what I could have done
If I could breath what I cannot
If I could melt and freeze
If I could kiss without eating a thing
I am not emotional, its goodbye
You will choke, starve, frostbite
Hot, the world is on the stove
There is no one cooking
There is nothing at all
And then I remember happiness
It is a vague memory of it
I dont even understand
Its just that I call it, happiness
You know, I dont have the answer.

I know Im not exactly normal, neither is he
Yet I think something stranger happened
And I didnt even notice
I couldnt tell inside my body
Much less out
It is moments like this when I start to realize
It was supposed to go all into her
The mix, the blend, the new result
I knew it was a terrible idea, Im not much into change
So it probably began before, her
So, he is way sharper now, and a bit meaner
And a bit tougher, stronger, decided
Without thinking much at all
Without getting much involved at the same time
And everything fell for him
Like this pathetic world was eagerly waiting for such leader
The chosen one
He couldnt believe it, and neither can I
Cant you be on your own, you goddamn fools?
Im so sick of the whiny petty needs
Im soooo gone, I dont care
I caught, his thing
I dont care about much at all
And Im still so young, I can do plenty more
Yet I wont, Im done, Im gone
So we merged, before her
Maybe I should mind but I dont
I am, so fine
And you, youre so stubborn
Thats probably your, tiny age
Will you care?
Youre gonna leave with nothing
Youre gonna bury your own love
Are you up to it?
Will you care?
I dont have a word to put in your heart
For you to walk under the sun
It sounds, like a curse.


Beautiful Mother 05

Dark blue room, at the bottom of some of her feelings
She realized that she had absolutely nothing to do
Neither relation nor action
Being became dull and a chore
Neither affection nor fall back
The invisible string was foolish to believe, much less want
Nor the cloud that composed the concept of the world
Nor the thought created by instinct about survival and success
She left her own normality of the day with nothing
Not even the rags were wearable
And the crumbs of fuzzy ideas about what was what
She wouldnt beg for the scraps of a preconceived notion
Nor the fabricated sense of duty and value
Telling she could be or not
And so she went with nothing
“There is nothing of me in you”
In a small talk with the mirror and the window.

When youre a lovely child, youre so full of energy
Very big house? its time to run
Run and run around, while joyful screams jump
Oh, you can do so much
I blow my nose on my dress
I clean my mouth with the upper part of my socks
I build a castle of the plenty I can find
To realize is boring and I dont mind
When I leave its protection and into the woods I find
A new outfit to turn around and march back
Im a conqueror now and this siege wont last!
Its so more fun, fast and crash!!
Into the very castle I built once upon a time
Such, a big, bwaaaaaaang!!!
Everything is upside down.


Beautiful Mother 06

So the mess remained for days, weeks and months
And beyond its unpredictable nature
There was no one else, it just stayed there
No matter the origin of the materials nor the purpose it once had
The mess became part of the architecture
See the shades it creates at different times of the day
Witness the space within the line and the base
She crashed into the old world to create the new
Those shapes are gone, there is no going back
Snow castle rise, as the lights go down
No one else around, they were all kicked out.

I dont care, Im so comfortable
I dont care, Im busy enjoying myself
I dont care, whats there too?
I dont care, but I wonder, how long until she finishes it all?

And theres still the liiiiitle things I hate to do
Not anymore, you, you will hate those instead
Oh, I like, oh so much
To do nothing at all.

Will it make sense?
I mean, whats the plan for her?
Just like this forever? I dont know
Why not? its perfectly doable
Why bother?
Ahhggg… I never gonna get her off me
And then it will be my fault
“Send her, I already made arrangements”
Whats the worst that could, uuuhg.

Of course they arrived late
It was not even a priority, it was of no importance
So many rituals and strange behaviors in this foreign society
Nonsense, useless, the motive must be for the others
For this weird order to prevail
“If you dont like it, just stay quiet, let time pass by”
And so she did, the objective was clear

What could move such determined will?
The black, blue and purple of the art
Oh, it was a Mr Cat
The lines of color, one right next to the other
It moves the heart, it makes you cry
How? how?! oh, the beautiful sight
The tears fly, in the wind flow
Oh, my love, my life in a mixed colored rose
“Thats, ridiculous, cats are not that color
You will fail, give me that, now do it right”

Why, would you?
Its of no sense to even think about
It is all very clear
For the honor of our lives
For the values that let us see the light
For the shine blessing our daily work
For life, for memory and time
The secret treasure and divine
I will become dust and scatter across the skies!!

The glory of the youth was present today
The blood of the fallen too
Quick! send message to the Queen
Victory follows our name
Lets bring home the pride, the goods and the tales
For I conquered, and I will again.

“Gosh… she is even worse! just keep quiet and let them go!!”

You know, I barely made it back and the phone rang… aaaahgg, were not coming back.


Beautiful Mother 07

At the haze of defeat, it all seems like bitterness and frustration
The world becomes a capsule of what could barely be sensed
Yet I get excited in the middle of the dread
“What is wrong with you?” the first you asked
After an implosion as large as everything I saw
Cold hands brim with vile, I know the worst
“There is something else” I said
“I know of a star that shines even during the day
Im telling you, this crumbling trench has a thousand shadows that extend
To the ruins of pride, from creation itself”
I bet the joy in the grave will be the envy of the whole cemetery.

Mother Aurora was behaving strangely the past days
Nothing important, but she was doing things normally she wouldnt do
Like, to get it out of the way, so she could focus on, something
From her lips were about to spiral some words into form
Yet, at the end just wont, its, like
She didnt want anyone else to have something to say.

They dont look like us at all, the two large are clumsy
Their clothes radiate a color in disharmony, one after the other
Its like everything is patched together with whatever they could find
And it all tears apart with the vibration of their noisy car
How can someone be like that? I am in mistrust yet Mother still looks
And thinks, as she stares, and she is figuring out what to say
Like trying to do such a delicate touch
Funny how Ive never seen before, and then he goes back to the car
In a blanket he carries, I can barely see, it is, it is
The stars shinning from above
Sleeping during the day
May I awake with a kiss?
Hey, give her to me!!!!!

“We got lost” they say, well yes, it is actually late
They repeat and repeat, they are nervous, a bore to see
As for the treasure, they wouldnt give it to me
But Ill wait, anyway, they are walking towards my reign.

“Leave the kids alone, so we actually talk”
And thats what the boxes of even more wine are for
Sooooo, you want any? I know where everything is
I carried it in…. whaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. so pretty
-Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… so big.
-Mommy calls me a freak, but thats alright, I can carry you, if you want.
-Roomy big, roomy huge, castle, palace, mmmmountain!!
Im gonna kiss her, she might get angry, and bite me, or something weird, and, and
She likes it, I dont care about me but the result, whatever happens, its so exciting.

“You and your little girlfriend can meet when you get old
I made a decision and its all”
Goddess thunder soared, and of course I blocked the door
Nothing material could pass through the thousand boulders
Yet Goddess called once again in energetic divine tone
Water flooded my feet, wind brushed my skin and hair
I saw everything for what it was and accepted defeat.

-So, what do you think?
-Not that… should I open the door?
-Dont, know.
-Come back.
-I would give you something, but everything is Mothers.
-You dont have any toys.
-I have plenty to play with.
-Ill tell dad to come back.

-Mwoooommyyyy!!! bubububu.
-Shut the fuck up! ahhg!! Im gonna drink some more.


Beautiful Mother 08

-Son, I was talking the other day with.
-You dont even let me finish.
-Its just, company.
-Dont be so ungrateful and hear what I say.
-I dont fall for that anymore.
-Im not sure if you take romance too serious, or not serious at all.
-Nonsense, pitiful womanly worries.
-Well, I do concern, of you being alone.
-I do love you, you realize that, dont you?
-I still live here, well, sometimes, what more do you want?
-Hear me out, its just company, but beyond that.
-You just want a copy of yourself to… oh, mother, are you in love with me?
-Tell me you are joking.
-I would, but its been so long, with this, insistence.
-Youre not well in the head, alright? is that what you wanted to hear?
-And yet Ive been more successful than you are, and I didnt even want, pfffhahahaha.
-You come after us, never forget that.
-Im just gonna do this for a while and then Im gone forever, Ill have more than enough money then.
-So it all comes down to you being a dumb little hippie.
-Sure, I can quit tomorrow without regret, but then Ill bathe and buy something expensive, hey, Im gonna bathe with it.
-An aristocratic union, and a pretty girl for you to enjoy, smart, funny perhaps, any problem will be solved with the power of both families, you wont have to worry about a thing, ever.
-Sounds like the complete opposite.
-We will talk beforehand, very seriously, shell mind her own business, she will give you space, yet, she is there to support you, she is a partner, you can talk to her about, stuff, whatever, youll make your own team.
-Mmm, funny.
-Whats funny about it?
-Me talking about my absolute disdain for people, like her, for a start.
-Youre just, honest.
-If youre not in love with me, there are places where you cannot go.
-This wont end up well.
-Enjoy the success, thats my present.
-Ill pretend to.
-If you go all the way with me, I hope its genuine.
-That was playful, and many, many years ago.
-I know, worry not.
-Did I, hurt you in some way?
-You tell me.
-Ive been my wonderful self since the very beginning, youve seen that.
-Ok, Im back to normality, I, cannot keep up with this, it gives me a headache.
-Pitiful womanly worries.
-Stop telling your father that.
-I say what I see.
((=Just fuck her already, thats what she wants.
=Nah, thats too troublesome, waaay too troublesome, I wanna sleep comfortable at night.
=She cant help herself, bring her here, Ill help her, relax.
=She would become sooo aggressive, kind of insane.
=All in one, and you just take her, that is how you conquer the world.
=Impossible, I wanna sleep comfortable at night.
=Why dont you take the little freak then? so she can play mommy again.
=She would suicide, and take me with her, besides, she is too, sophisticated, the endless etiquette, thats the way she plays.
=She can break her stuff instead of mine.
=Our little warrior would take it too far.
=One day Ill unleash her to the world.
=By then Ill have bought and developed another persona, far, far away… wanna come?
=If I dont have anything better to do, perhaps.
=Then Ill forget about everything.
=Just fuck her already, real good, doooooooooo it.))
-Its late, good night.
-Hey mom.
-“Mother, I have a question”.
-Do you want me to get you a dog or something?
-A turtle? what about some bird that talks? that would be perfect.
-Do not.
-Well, I tried, dont say I didnt.
-The highlight of my day, was talking to a baby.
-A successful baby, babe!


Beautiful Mother 09

Youre gonna be all alone
So in the next few months
Youre gonna grow the years to come
Even if it cost you all
If you cant, might not even be worth
To left behind.

I thought of you at last
As I cut off all other ties
Not that those were much
Its the annoyance to realize
Youre the reason and also the drag
Not that it would change too much otherwise
I guess I am just mad, that I was mad
That was dead but with you it revived
The reality and sense that is at
Youre gonna be all alone
Soon, the day will be empty
Needy, crying, rough
Impatient, noisy, tough
They all will see you with disgust
In the pool of vile and greed
Everpresent with everyone youll see
Youre nothing but their enemy
And you, Im gonna make sure youll be worthy of that
Youre gonna be all alone.

Of him, dont think much, he might not even overcome
He is in a dire situation, as you are, alone
You see, my child, he is about to explode
Relief in the shadows he will find no more
I wouldnt take it personal, cause you know
Right there at war, true colors are to show
You, left behind, are going to be alone
It is natures call
I dont say it in anger nor remorse
They with offer you nothing at all.

From Mother to Child
Blood vanishes in the wind
Their faces dry and peel
Lost in a sense of ill
The sea spreads, the cold lays above
The lines were none, each to their own
There is no going back
To the illusion of once there
Remain still
A stone washed up on the beach
The warm of a birth
Is a game of dolls and casual feel
For the giant overcomes stepping on the worm
Open your eyes and awake your sense of pride
Your cradle is a ghost
The men have gone to war
Might not even return, and if they do
They will go to war again
Attached to this fate.

Your cradle is a chore
The women at your side, none want to take part
You take so much from them
Just breathing that small air
Addicted to the style, they both are
Youre nothing but against, and youre not even ten
The lengths they will go one to abandon and the other to destroy
You have been warned.

From Mother to Child
Ill gift you with a kiss and a bless
As you feel deeply when looking at their eyes
With your great strength you are to carry that moment to the next
When it disappears leaving no trace
And youll do it, all alone
Little Commander of the ashes from the realm
War and hatred calls your name
Are you to tell me, would you rather die with me?
Today or tomorrow, dont you know it is the same?
Little Commander, the motherland whispers a tale
How are you going to do it? youre not even ten


Beautiful Mother 10

From nature, by nature, you must embrace nature
You must go back in essence and form
Before the sin molded your soul
And your body grew with inward thorns
So long ago, they moved on
Away from the grace at the spark of life
To fool themselves in slavery and shine
The rocks reflected their corrupt shrine
Where they pray for self divine
You must leave them all behind
Escape to the tree so tall it reaches the sky
The ecstasy of liberation
The highest sensory cry
The most tender touch of the goddess
To express love to those who have found
I was conceived at that time

The body painted in colors of the sunshine
Yet under the rain that washes all away
The forest is the home
Walls are for those who fear
Out there to return to the animal self
Happy away from deception
Glad in the world without much past
They mated as they whirled
Under the hills and into the sea
Pouring by the wind

She wanted to stay, to remain
Yet they were born deeply into the sin
She wanted to nest there
And hear from the moon a different tale
Each time she rested after the sun made love to her
Come on now girl, sleep inside…

Well, she will try again and again, remember, I was the oldest
She even took me there, oh, youre so lucky, to not have been born there
You see, the sensory thing, It will make you insane
You have sex with the grass and feel so great
Until the effect is over and so its the party
Yet, so funny, she is the one who felt it for real
So she wanted to stay while every other eventually left
And guess who had to be there?
You know, using their words is after the sin
You know, their beliefs are sinful as well
You knooooow, you must forget the experience of your genes
Polluted with sin, of those who didnt repent
I was an animal with my own mother
You must be, impulsive
In hunger, thirst, itch and lust
And I…
You think Im joking?
How do you imagine me, without all of, these?
I, have a different idea for you
That weird body of yours makes you too proud
Lets see how much is there behind
If you cant carry the world on your back
Maybe Ill finish it before it crushes you alive
From rivers of sweat and endless work
A warrior you shall become.

I wont let you be pity, I wont let you be lame
I wont let you cry to nature, be angry at me instead
I enjoy your hate so much, if you could only express
A burst here and there, yet youre still the same
I push forward, its ridiculous, I feel Im killing you instead
A tantrum with swollen muscles, and you return again
I want you to hate me instead of death
Dont you know I know?! youre just like her!!
You go to the forest, you go to the lake!
You want to bring ducks, you want to live with them!!